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“Randomblings” – a word I just coined seconds ago that is a combo of “random” and “ramblings”. In these pages I will just touch on a few topics of the day and add my take on them.

Hurricane Sandy – I sincerely hope that everyone who is in the path of this bitch is safe. If you are dumb enough to not heed the warnings and leave then you get what is coming to you. On top of that, when it is done, anyone who bitched about the government handouts people got before this ought to stay true to their convictions and not ask for government help with any type of relief (if they need it) just on principle alone. If it is not good enough for anyone else, then it is not good enough for you.

Honey Boo Boo, anything named Kardashian or Palin, Lance Armstrong. Please, NO MORE!!!! Nobody gives a rat’s ass.

To all the idiots with an empty chair in their front yard with an American flag… grow the hell up. What are you, two years old? Effing babies.

You don’t like Obama (or will not vote for him) because he is black? You are a RACIST. Plain and simple. Why not just admit it and get to the back of the bus whose next stop is back to the 1940s. If you do not vote for him because of that, then just “vote for the white half…” as my friend Paul says.

How many of you have ever dealt with an absolute prick for a boss? Have a look here and see if it sounds familiar: http://www.openforum.com/articles/9-surefire-ways-to-destroy-employee-morale. I bet everyone has experienced this in the past. I know I have and they possessed ALL of these at the same time. Something to REALLY be proud of.

Gasoline prices are ALREADY going up since they are shutting the refineries due to Hurricane Sandy. Gasoline in the pipeline NOT YET AFfECTED by this storm is being raised to gouge the consumers. Yeah… big business can regulate itself honestly. Crooked bastards, and they are just as crooked as the bastards who think they will regulate themselves honestly.

October 28, 2012


On the beach yesterday I saw a bald eagle, and I saw another one this morning. That is pretty cool, but someone said that they are so common here that it is not a big deal seeing them. It sounds like the same thing with wildlife in Colorado. I would see it all the time but people coming to the house would oooh and aaah about the deer and such. Nothing wrong with that but the newness does wear off at some point! It is cool to see an eagle, though.

I wonder… will Matt Lauer be written up for being late to work pulling his surfing stunt and not getting to work on time? Many employers do that, and I am thinking that his is no exception.

Went out with some friends to a pizza joint called Gordy’s that was pretty good – one of the best pizzas I have eaten. The crust was amazing, and to me that is what can make or break a pizza. Toppings are toppings. It was a good time. I ordered a potato pizza. Mmmmm.

Damn… this place is dark at night coming back down to the cabin.

October 27, 2012

Just things

How bizarre… I just got out of the shower and was heading to bed and I thought I would have one more quick look at the news online. There was an earthquake north of here off the coast of B.C. while I was in the shower and they sent out a tsunami warning to Alaska and Hawaii. Luckily I am off of the ocean and in the Strait of San Juan de Fuca so I am protected from one in that area. I did not notice anything and I did not get a warning or alert on the weather radio so I should be okay, plus I do not see any warnings for this area on any websites.

It was a 7.7 magnitude quake, with an aftershock of 5.8. I know many of you reading this could have experienced this before, but we did not have many in Colorado so this is new to me. I am not too freaked out by it; it is just something else new to experience in life.

It is ironic that this happened because we were just talking about this a week or so ago when they were doing a test of the alert system. I was told to get the hell outta here if the alarm goes off. I just looked up the evacuation route in case I need to skate. I am definitely in the Hazard Zone as they call it since my cabin is on a bluff overlooking the water. Looks like I do not need to go very far inland, but I gotta get away from the Spit and the cabin toot-sweet.

I never really thought about it until I saw an emergency card with the weather radio. After talking about it lately, and now this happening, I guess I did not really think about the Pacific Ring of Fire and the implications.

I sure do now.

October 26, 2012


How cool… I got to see a submarine with an escort go by tonight. My friend Karl and I were driving on the beach picking up trash about 4:30 or so and he said “that looks like a submarine in the distance with its escorts.”. It was off a ways in the distance, but you could see the conning tower, the Coast Guard escorts, and a battleship or a destroyer alongside it. I have such a cool office.

We got to drive all the way out to the lighthouse in the Mule. Tide was cooperating tonight so we had to go. The tides are not favorable to our Beach Cleanup Saturdays the next month or two so I decided to go tonight and Karl said he wanted to go next time I need help on the beach. Just so happens he contacted me the day I was heading out and I welcomed the company plus his experience riding shotgun. Plus, he is quite an interesting guy to talk with. He has some very interesting stories from the Hanford Site (look it up…) and he used to do research on marine life. Very knowledgeable and fun to hang with and talk to.

I don’t have TV, and have not had it for several months now. I can get all my news and weather on the internet so I really do not miss it much. When I had TV I watched about three channels so it was a total screw-job for that kind of money and I refuse to pay that for a dish anymore, and cable… well, we will leave that one alone – cannot get it anyway. I get my video fix every now and then watch movies on my Mac, and have discovered the website tv.com. I have been watching “The Late Late Show” with Craig Ferguson. That guy is so damn funny and way out of control.

October 25, 2012

Just things

Went on a drive today down along the Hood Canal. What a beautiful area – it is kinda like the Ozarks on the ocean. Lots of trees changing color, windy roads (can’t wait to get my bike to do that!), cheaper gas (I paid $3.42 on the Res!).

After my drive, I came back to Sequim and went to the Rec Center to enjoy the hot tub, pool, and wet and dry saunas. It is a nice facility and I am going to get a membership so I can go all the time and save some money doing so. It is reasonable for what they have. On top of all the water features, they have lots of workout equipment, a circuit room, and racquetball courts, and all of it is included.

For some reason I meet complete strangers and they tell me the most personal things. Why in the hell this happens I have no idea but I would like to know. I have had people tell me about how much money they have in the bank, very intimate relationship details I do not care to hear, what an asshole their ex is and why… and many other things. While I was there in the hot tub this afternoon this girl started talking to me. I had to carefully move a little closer to hear her because I did not have my hearing aids in but obviously she wanted to talk about something since she did not stop. Turns out she is in high school (which I figured and is why I was hesitant to move closer but there were plenty of people around) and her dad is a Sheriff. Now I have nothing to worry about because I don’t roll like that so get that thought outta your mind. I guess she needed to talk to someone and I happened to be the one today. She was a nice kid and seemed to have a good brain, but a bit confused about something so I tried to steer her toward what her dad was saying (which was reasonable) and she saw it that way more clearly after I explained it a bit differently. We said “later” and parted ways. It is kinda like the Psychiatrist booth in the Peanuts cartoons, but I have no sign so I do not know how they all come to me. Perhaps I am a crazy magnet. I am pretty sure that is a distinct possibility for many reasons but I am not naming names.

I finished up the last couple of lines of lyrics to the song I started last night that John sent me music for. We will see how it goes and possibly get it posted soon. My mixer has a ground issue so it has a hum. Now that I think about it, perhaps it is the computer humming. I guess I need to look into it more.