October 3, 2012

Finally I have internet and have gotten caught up on the blog. I just need to go back to proofread the posts now so it does not look like I am illiterate and have grammar skills. I may add a few more pics, but we will see about that.

Yesterday I got to go out to Protection Island on the landing craft to deliver a load of lumber and paint. Tomorrow I get to go out there again (supposed to be my 2nd day off but I volunteered to go help and will get other time off) and help them do some painting. This island is closed to the public so this is a real privilege for me to see it.

Landing Craft

Landing Craft

It is an interesting place with some interesting history. It was farmed at one point in time, then roads were put in and it was going to be turned into a subdivision until there was outcry and the government ended up with it. It is home to several species of endangered birds, so if it would have been developed it could possibly have led to the extinction of a couple of species that relay on this island for habitat for their global travels. One plant species was already wiped off of the island due to human interference.

The roads are still there and are mostly overgrown. There are some abandoned houses on there, and a big wooden water tower that looks like it should have the Shady Rest Hotel next to it.

 Old water tower on Protection Island

Old water tower on Protection Island

I spent some time talking with the assistant guy in charge here and I picked his brain about various things and learned quite a bit talking with him. It is always a good day when you can learn something.

Today I went over to PA (Port Angeles) to a store called “Swain’s”. It has been around since 1957 as I remember, and it reminds me of the old “Stan’s” store (as I vaguely remember how it was back in the day) in Kansas City. I wanted to check the place out and look at some sturdy work pants. If they don’t have it, then you don’t need it. It is a pretty interesting place and has a huge variety of things.

Tax up here is 8%… guess that helps offset the fact that they have no income tax.

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