October 26, 2012


How cool… I got to see a submarine with an escort go by tonight. My friend Karl and I were driving on the beach picking up trash about 4:30 or so and he said “that looks like a submarine in the distance with its escorts.”. It was off a ways in the distance, but you could see the conning tower, the Coast Guard escorts, and a battleship or a destroyer alongside it. I have such a cool office.

We got to drive all the way out to the lighthouse in the Mule. Tide was cooperating tonight so we had to go. The tides are not favorable to our Beach Cleanup Saturdays the next month or two so I decided to go tonight and Karl said he wanted to go next time I need help on the beach. Just so happens he contacted me the day I was heading out and I welcomed the company plus his experience riding shotgun. Plus, he is quite an interesting guy to talk with. He has some very interesting stories from the Hanford Site (look it up…) and he used to do research on marine life. Very knowledgeable and fun to hang with and talk to.

I don’t have TV, and have not had it for several months now. I can get all my news and weather on the internet so I really do not miss it much. When I had TV I watched about three channels so it was a total screw-job for that kind of money and I refuse to pay that for a dish anymore, and cable… well, we will leave that one alone – cannot get it anyway. I get my video fix every now and then watch movies on my Mac, and have discovered the website tv.com. I have been watching “The Late Late Show” with Craig Ferguson. That guy is so damn funny and way out of control.

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