November 7, 2012

Just things
Sculpture from bull kelp bulb left on the beach

Sculpture from bull kelp bulb left on the beach

“The Dude abides.”

What a great movie. Jeff Bridges just killed it in “The Big Lebowski”, tonight’s feature at The Cabin Theatre. John Goodman was so intense, and like so many Cohen Brothers’ movies, it had so many nuances that were so funny and understated I found a few new ones I had not seen before.

I was off today, but had to do a beach patrol to check on some things after I spent most of the day winterizing the camper.

Last night I was at Walmart picking up some Guinness – yes, they sell it in Walmart here. I was glancing through the cooler and found several interesting microbrews, one of which was this:

Reign in Beer!

Reign in Beer!

Check out Santa doing his Dio impersonation… rather impressive! Rock on, St. Nick!

Tomorrow it is off to Port Townsend to check it out and eat Thai food. Heading over on the bus with a friend and gonna spend most of the day over there checking the place out. I hear it is a cool place and I have wanted to get over there to check it out. Hopefully I can get to Canada next weekend, but I have to plan it out a bit plus the weather plays a big part because I am not taking my car – the ferry drops you off right downtown so you can walk everywhere. I plan on catching the afternoon ferry, staying the night over there, and coming back the next day.

I keep meaning to post these but have forgotten. In the weeks before I left CO, I hit some of my favorite places to eat knowing that I may not be back for quite some time. One of those places was Golden Stix in Conifer, a great Chinese restaurant. Delicious General Tao (or Tso… whichever) chicken, but the last few times I got the chicken udon noodles. On man… that stuff was great with some chili oil in it. Anyhoo, a few of the fortunes I got during the summer were these:

Wish they put these in something tastier than those nasty-ass cookies

Wish they put these in something tastier than those nasty-ass cookies

I was trying to figure a few things out and the first one was like “Oh… a sign”. The bottom one I got the last time I was there.

I guess that was literally food for thought.

Have a good day, world!

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