November 9, 2012

Just things

I got to go to Port Townsend yesterday. It is a cool old town with some really neat buildings and Victorian houses.

Building in Port Townsend

Building in Port Townsend

House in Port Townsend

House in Port Townsend

Bell tower in Port Townsend; it is the only one of its kind in the country.

Bell tower in Port Townsend; it is the only one of its kind in the country.

We rode the bus over and walked about three miles during the day. Lunch was at this Thai restaurant that costs only $5 if you take your own plate. I know… weird, eh?

Today was an awesome day. Got to get on the beach and needed to go all the way out to the lighthouse in the Mule and trailer with Karl to look for debris washed up on the beach and pick up their trash out there when we got there. The morning was sunny, breezy, and cool, but it was a beautiful sunny day in the afternoon and stayed that way all day (finally!). We hauled back a lot of stuff that had washed up but nothing from the tsunami yet. We still cannot have the monthly beach cleanups due to the tides so I get out when I can to pick up all that I can. While we were out we saw a huge owl hanging around on the beach. It was the biggest owl that I have ever seen.

Bird tracks on the Spit

Bird tracks on the Spit

We got back and Chris called and stopped by give me a couple more of those tasty Dungeness crabs – fresh out of the bay. That makes three this week I have gotten so I had one tonight and one the night before last. I will probably cook the other one up on Sunday night – I just might grill that one up and see how he turns out. I used to grill king and snow legs from the store and they turned out good so these oughta be tasty as well.

Got about three hours of guitar playing in tonight and I am getting the hang of playing this new Stratocaster pretty good. I am no expert, but it is easy to play and sounds so good. Got a few song ideas but mainly I just practiced some older songs I have written so I can get my chops back up and even play better. I still want to do Open Mic night but definitely do not want to embarrass myself if I can help it.

I have been at the rec center every other night since I got my annual pass so I have been getting my money’s worth. On top of soaking in the therapy pool and swimming, I have also been hitting a few pieces of the equipment to get my back and neck loose, and last night I shot a few hoops – I have not done that in many years. It showed, too.

Off to bed – it is gonna be a busy day tomorrow I have the feeling. This weekend is a free day for all the Federal lands, so get yourself, and the family, out and visit your National Parks, Monuments, and yes… Wildlife Refuges in honor of Veteran’s Day!

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