Randomblings 4

Let's put a stop to this!

Let’s put a stop to this!


Guys, please… when you are in the locker room at say, oh… a rec center, PLEASE COVER YOUR JUNK UP. JEE-ZUS!!! It is not a nudist camp and nobody else wants to see it no matter how proud you are of your stuff… whether they be in good shape or they be saggy or fat body parts. I can understand if you need to go get a towel or a robe, but for God’s sake do the rest of us a favor and have some decency and some respect for those around you. You’re scaring the little kids.

And, while we are talking about it, do NOT try to carry on a conversation with me until you have your damn clothes on.

Thank you. As you were… except with your junk covered up.

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