Cold here today!

This morning I can hear some pretty big surf raging down on the beach. It is about 32-34 degrees and windy (although not the very strong winds like yesterday). Some areas got a bit of snow – we had a few flurries here yesterday but nothing stuck… at least not that I know of yet. Yesterday was “blustery” as they say. Cold, rainy, extremely windy, and waves 12-15 feet high on top of high tides. Luckily I had some things to do inside, but I still had to be outside to remove tree branches from the trail.

Lack of snow was one big plus for me moving here from Colorado. I got so sick of it, and the people who couldn’t drive in it. It is strange here, though. The temperature usually doesn’t vary much from day to night and that is quite odd to me. I do still like it here quite a bit.

The weather just needs to hold out for me until about midnight since my youngest daughter Meghan is coming in to the airport tonight. Woot! It is about 2 1/2 hours to drive to the airport from here. I could do the ferry and light rail, but I am just not comfy with that yet after only doing it once. I would not want to miss the ferry back over because we were too late.

Well, out the door and off to work.

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