Woot! Woot!

My motorcycle just arrived.

My New Toy - 1986 Honda V65 VF1100C

My New Toy – 1986 Honda V65 VF1100C

You probably want to ask me why I am typing this instead of not riding it. The keys were sent to me but I think they got here the other day and I did not get to the office to check my mail so I think the keys are here but locked up. D’oh. No tags yet, either, but I coulda taken it for a spin around the block at least. It feels pretty good just sitting on it saying “VROOM! VROOM!”. Cannot wait to fire it up! I guess I need to go helmet shopping. Gotta get some good gloves as well.

It is a black 1986 Honda V65 Magna – 1100 CCs of scalded dog fast.

A big thanks to my bro Dan for helping me out on getting it from his house to mine.

10 thoughts on “Woot! Woot!

    • I just bought it from a good friend of mine and it was shipped from Missouri. Too damn cold this time of year to ride from there to Washington state. Plus… there IS that thing called “work”.

      I will add a pic that he sent me… I need to clean the dust off of it from shipping it before I take any pics to post.


    • Thanks! I am stoked to ride it.

      Last one I rode was with my uncle a few months back, and it was a 6-cylinder Honda CBX1100. I have never ridden the “cruiser-style” bike before so it will be something to get used to.


      • It has a very unique sound being an inline 6. I had never ridden a bike that big and it was easy to ride; it did not feel real heavy, was smooth, fast, and wound up pretty quick but just keeps on winding. It is a bit of a tall bike but was a pleasure to ride.

        My uncle has two of them. He restores old Hondas and does a fantastic job on them. If you can lay hands on one you would not regret it!


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