Adventure… GO FOR IT!

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Someone who saw my blog has one of her own that was very interesting.

This is a twenty-something girl who is doing a new adventure every week. I thought that was a great idea so I am kind of borrowing that idea now that I am settled into my job here and the weather is getting better to get away easier on my bike (meaning cheaper to go more places more often).

I urge everyone reading this to do the same. It doesn’t have to be fancy, far away, complicated, or expensive. Look up something interesting you have not seen/done before and go see/do it.

Some weeks I really never need to go anyplace on my weekends – I get to go on some great adventures here at work, picking up dead baby orcas on the beach, seeing elephant seals in the research area, go on deer counts on an island, amphibian research counts way up in the forest wading knee deep in ponds, responding to 911 calls… the list goes on and on. This coming week I have something in the works, but not 100% sure about it yet. I do have plans to go crabbing again, and even a possible trip to go halibut fishing at the buttcrack of dawn, as well as motorcycle rides in Canada (Tofino and Whistler) and here in the States to places I have never been. VooDoo Donuts is on that list as well.

Stay posted and we will see just where I end up!

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