They Call it “Fishing” and not “Catching” for a Reason…

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This week’s adventure was a good day out on the water.

Well, I was up at 4:15 this morning, ate breakfast, and headed off to John Wayne Marina to meet up with my friend for a ride onto the water in his boat to try to catch a halibut on the next to the last day for the season for the year.

It started out a bit gray as we left the marina a few minutes after 6 AM, then the sun came out as we got out to the bay just off of the Spit by the lighthouse. Anchor was dropped, the pole was rigged, and we were sitting there waiting for dinner to end up in the boat. We chatted and laughed and carried on like we usually do when we are together, telling stories and having a good time for a few hours. We got a few nibbles by some other fish that would take the bait so I watched as the hooks were baited several times with a herring and pieces of octopus and then covered with various scent attractants and anchovy extract. Quite a bit of work and not like just putting a worm on a hook.

We did not have much luck staying anchored so we set up to drift, going to another spot and dropping the bait on the bottom and then let the current take us away. We drifted for a while and had no luck still, then the weather started to come up a bit and the water started getting choppy so we got ready to head back to John Wayne Marina and get the boat out of the water. My friend asked if I wanted to drive the boat so I finally got my chance to run a boat on some big water. That was fun and something I had never done before.

We came away empty handed today, but we had a good time and are already planning on doing some crabbing when the season opens up July 1st. I am going to go get my catch card and my taste buds will be ready for that.

One thing odd I notice is that even tonight I am still feeling the waves… my balance is a bit off. Pretty strange, as I thought it might go away by now. I hope it does soon!

I’m Going Fishing… Just For The Halibut!

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First an update: Last week we went out in search on invasive species called European Green Crab. Well, luckily it was a bust. We got many small shore crab, some beautiful Dungeness and Rock crab. The last two are edible but we are on a research permit and we cannot keep them so we did our counts and everything went back into the water MUCH to the dismay of many gulls waiting for some fresh crab. I feel their pain.

Now, on to this week. Tomorrow we go out again to set crab traps again. I hope to get some good pictures this time… the last trip they were blurry and did not turn out. I will post them after we check traps on Wednesday if I get any good pictures.

I believe I am going halibut fishing with a friend on his boat on Thursday. A new adventure doing something I have never done before! I am looking forward to getting out on the water and checking this out. It is the last weekend of the season for halibut sport fishing so I gotta go if I want to check it out. We will see how this adventure goes!

The first time I had halibut was at Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse in Anchorage, Alaska. I had their halibut tacos and they were fantastic. Many people go “EWWW!!!” at the thought of a fish taco, but they are so good – they are fresh and light and probably healthier than the regular ones. I have eaten many fish tacos and the halibut ones are far and above the best. Give them a try at a decent restaurant.

Summer is Unofficially Here!

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It is hard to believe that the travel season started this weekend. Throngs of happy, smiling people cramming into a tiny space at one time, financial assault at the gas pumps, and traffic jams on the highways. What a good time just waiting to be had by all!

One thing usually associated with summer is actually something that I really like to do year round… grilling. I have been known to fire up the grill at 3 AM or 3 PM, and even in the snow. Just because it is late or winter doesn’t mean it is not a good time to grill so I never let it stop me. Granted, there may be extenuating circumstances for grilling at 3 AM…

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here at the refuge so we fired up the grill and I made some potatoes with onion and olive oil in foil pouches and cooked up some burgers and something new that I had never tried – salmon burgers. Made from filets of Pacific salmon and procured from the nearby Costco, you toss them on the grill for about 5 minutes or so and they are ready. I am told that Pacific salmon is the best and does taste different than its counterparts a continent away. Now, I do not like, and never DID like, salmon patties and salmon I have bought before and tried just had a bad flavor. I remember them as a kid and I hated them then, and I hate them now. But these… oh man, they are really, really tasty and probably a bit more healthy than a burger as well. If you can find them at your local Costco give them a try. They are in an orange bag in the freezer section.

Today the grill shall be out again and we shall again dine on some more grilled goodness. It was all so tasty yesterday that we decided to do it again today. As for tomorrow… who knows?

It Was a Good Day Today

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Well, I was offered another six month stint yesterday and I accepted it today, so I will be in Washington here at the Spit at least until April 1st, 2014. I must be doing something right! I really like being here and the people I get to work with. I still am very fortunate to have this opportunity.

Got to talk to a friend tonight that I have not talked to in a while. It was really nice to talk about some things. Thanks for the phone call!