Thinking of going there as my next travel destination. I have never been there and it’s one of the last four states I have not visited. I think five to seven days there seeing some tropical forest, maybe a volcano, and spending time in a hut/cottage on the beach with a bottomless glass of wine and cocktails sounds like some time well spent.

I will have to do some research on that at some point to find out some things.


7 Comments on “Hawaii

  1. I’ve been to Hawaii twice, both times were AMAZING. Go for it, I think it’s worth a visit!! Which state has been your favorite visit thus far?


    • Hello!

      I am going to HI, but I just have to figure out when and what area. I want to avoid the busiest times and areas, as well as tropical storms. I will need to research it but I would not be going until Fall at the earliest.

      I don’t know if I have a “favorite”… I can safely say there are some I will NEVER go back to (but won’t mention by name). Most states, I would say, have something that makes them worth visiting to someone.


    • Let me know if there are certain states you are interested in and I can possibly offer some tips for you!


    • Aloha! Alaska is pretty nice! I would have to say it is one of my favorite places.


  2. That is a place we want to go too. After we win the lottery tonight our whole family can go!


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