Seals on the Beach

Saw my first baby seal Friday. It looked like a legless Shar-pei lying on the beach – all wrinkly and cute.

Baby Seal on Dungeness Spit

Baby Seal on Dungeness Spit

Baby Seal on Dungeness Spit

Baby Seal on Dungeness Spit

We have to block off a large area around the pups to keep people back so the mother doesn’t get spooked away if she is watching from offshore. It also reduces the possibility of anyone touching it. We were told that they can give us diseases and we can pass things to them, so touching is bad. If you ever see one (or ANY marine mammal) please notify the proper people and stay far away from them. It is illegal to harass, touch, move, or kill any marine mammals. It can take quite a while for them to get back into the water – this one we watched from 8:30 in the morning until about 4:00 in the afternoon.

I went and put our marking tape and safety cones away when we were done and came back down to the beach to do some things and there was another one! The past few days we have seen or been notified of five seal pups on the beach. It is the season for this to be happening so it is not a surprise.

Nature just kicks ass.

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