It Has Been a While I Know…

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I have been rather busy lately and have obviously not been posting too much. Now that I am stuck in the middle of the shutdown with not much to do I can get some things caught up, and this is one of them.

In staying true to keeping my blog fairly non-political, I will not be commenting on the shutdown. I have my opinions on which group is at fault and it will not be posted on here. Those who know me know my feelings on it.

I have been getting a lot of things done at work. The busy season for tourists is, for the most part, over. It was a very busy summer, and we had a few record-breaking days and months. We can catch up on a few projects around the refuge when we reopen.

My parents came out to visit. It was great to see them, and even though it was a bit of a quick visit we had a good time. I showed them around some various places here that you just won’t see in the Midwest.

We wrapped up a successful green crab season by not catching any. That is really good news. It was a very interesting project to be a part of. I also got to know my partner Dow a lot better, and he is a great guy. He is an avid birder that I have written about before, and he has taught me things about birds that have been interesting to learn.

I took a roadtrip to SD which I am writing about for a separate post. I brought back most of my things from SD… out of what little I have left. I have a lot of VHS tapes of family videos, movies, and music that I want to keep so I bought a converter box to encode them into my Mac. This way I can get rid of the tapes and save a bunch of space in my storage boxes.

I responded to an ad from a guy in Canada who is looking for a Honda V65 Magna to buy. I just wanted to ask him if he found one because I was considering selling mine (I just have not had the time to ride it much and will have even less time next summer). He wrote back asking for pictures and pretty much it is sold now. He is waiting to get money from a car he is selling then he will take it.

That is a brief update until I can get back here in the next day or two and resume my postings.

It is Hard to Believe, But…

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it was one year ago today that I left Colorado… on an appropriately dark, gray, rainy morning, 6 A.M. I left that morning with an odd numbness – leaving the house I was in for 10 years after getting rid of nearly everything that a 2200 SF house can hold, and not knowing too much about what was in store for me… and no long-term plan. I knew what I am doing for the next six months, but beyond that I did not know. I still only know about what I am doing for the next year, and yes… I am good with that.

Wow… it is hard to believe that it has been a year already. So much has happened in this last year and a half. It was damn tough as I stated before, but I made it out standing up and not too badly bruised. Just had to put on a clean shirt without the tire tracks across the back. Nothing left behind but a chalk outline on the sidewalk.

During a conversation I was having I said “…it is kind of like living in a motel. You have no home to go back to, and it feels temporary, but I am good with it.”. I made this choice, unwinding life as I knew it and tossing it and all its trappings aside in exchange for the freedom to live my life in a way that most people think is crazy and probably will not understand.

It made me think a bit more about the term “home” and what I had said above. I touched on this briefly in a previous post, and my bro “I. P. Nitely” commented about it and we are on the same page it appears.

Is home where you were born? Where you grew up? Where you live now? Perhaps you are one of those who consider some place called “heaven” home. There are so many ways to look at it, I guess, but for me it boils down to where I am the happiest and the place I choose and want to be living. That is not to say that all previous places I lived were bad; some were just a hell of a lot better than the others. Some places WERE definitely bad, too, but sometimes you do not really realize how bad until after you leave. Those places I never considered home; even though I lived there it just never felt like “home”. Even though I have lived in some great places, they are no longer home to me. Colorado will always be very special.

WARNING! EXISTENTIAL CONTENT AHEAD!!! If you think about it “home” is really just a state of being that exists in our minds. If you are comfortable someplace and don’t want to leave it for whatever reason (family, friends, surrounding, climate… etc.), then that is what makes it “home”.

For me the world is my home for the time being. I am just wandering around checking out the neighborhood.

It Is Just a Number… Or Is It?

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I just changed my phone number last week to a local Washington number where I live. After being here a year I finally decided that it was time. Phone numbers have really become our identity on such a large scale – it is how people call us, text us, or send us pictures. Maybe we just get attached to our number because of the ease of NOT changing it. I think that was partly the case for me… I didn’t NEED or HAVE to change it.

I was back and forth about changing it since I moved because of so many reasons, and none of those turned out to be insurmountable. I have thought about it for quite a few months… I had my CO cell phone number for several years, so why SHOULD I change it? Everyone knows me at that number, all my banking, etc. has the number, so why? It used to be that when we moved – back in the “olden days” when we all had home phones – we would change numbers and not think twice about it. We COULDN’T take the number with us in most cases. But now, with cellphones, that is not an issue any longer.

It is kind of that same feeling I had when I first got rid of my landline years ago and went to a cell phone. It was the opposite of how I grew up; everyone had a home phone and maybe it would be scary without it. That all turned out fine and it was no big deal.

I finally decided to change it because I now live here. It is easier for work and my friends here where I live to call me locally from a landline (cell phones do not require long distance much, if at all, anymore). I guess it was closure for me in a sense – my last physical tie to Colorado (other than friends, of course) and it is now gone. That part is kind of strange.

Next time I move I will not think twice about changing it again. It IS only a number… and I am not.

Boat Training

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Well, I have been out getting some boating experience before my trip for certification classes while in Hawaii. A few weeks ago we went out and it was a nice day. I practiced some docking and running the boat in the Strait and just getting the feel of this new experience.

Today we went out again, and it was a bit different. The day started out like this at John Wayne Marina:

Morning at John Wayne Marina - Sequim, WA

Morning at John Wayne Marina – Sequim, WA

We got the boat ready to go and headed out into the bay and then into the Strait. There we found fog, and it was dense fog but still not too bad. We motored onward toward Protection Island to check on some research going on with hatchlings.

I really enjoy getting to be involved with these research projects. It is very interesting to witness the science firsthand and witness nature in action close-up and personal. I am also learning so much about so many new and different things. While moving between locations, I was able to snap a few pictures today:

View east from Protection Island National Wildlife Refuge - Sequim, WA

View east from Protection Island National Wildlife Refuge – Sequim, WA

View of the Olympics from Protection Island National Wildlife Refuge - Sequim, WA

View of the Olympics from Protection Island National Wildlife Refuge – Sequim, WA

View of the Olympics from Protection Island National Wildlife Refuge - Sequim, WA

View of the Olympics from Protection Island National Wildlife Refuge – Sequim, WA

As you can see, there was a lot of fog, and it actually had dissipated somewhat since we came out. It then came back… with a vengeance.

The fog was quite thick on the return trip. I had to navigate by instruments (and with guidance from the person training me) nearly the whole trip back. Most people know what it is like to drive a car in thick fog – you cannot see anything and it makes you tense. In a boat it is worse since there is that little detail called “water” thrown into the mix. In a car you can pull over and stop. Being on the water adds quite the sense of urgency. You really have to maintain calm to get through it, and you have to think everything through carefully and deliberately.

It was a slow, tedious journey back to the marina. We made it back fine after a few course adjustments to overcome the current and other boats in the same predicament. It was a valuable learning experience for me and will be useful in the future. It made me think of the captains of big ships and the hard work that must be done to sail a ship in conditions worse than what we went through today.

I am really looking forward to going out again to learn more and get ready for my certification in Hawaii!

My Horoscope for Today – 9/5/13

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“Obsessive thinking may be something you need to look at today…” it says in part.

I wonder what they are talking about? I am just enjoying a day off and not thinking about much of anything, so what could they be referring to? If I am not thinking about anything, then how could I be obsessively thinking about anything? I just don’t understand what they mean about “obsessive thinking” if I am not thing about anything in particular.

Who comes up with these horoscopes? Why do they think I am being obsessive about anything? Why are they intruding in my business anyhoo? Maybe THEY are the ones being obsessive by butting into my horoscope. It is only a horoscope, but if I think about it, am I obsessing about anything? No, I am not… well not that I am aware of. I would think I would know if I WERE, in fact, obsessing about something. But, maybe I wouldn’t. Maybe I need to think about it a little closer to see if I AM obsessing about anything.

I COULD just let it go, but it is really bugging me now…