Happy Halloween 2013

To celebrate I think I might watch my “Saw IV” DVD tonight and see if I can scare the hell outta myself.

I usually love to sink my teeth into some candy corn this time of year, but it just just not as good as it used to be though. Brach’s was THE good stuff when we were kids, but they make it in Mexico now and it sucks. The Brach’s name was bought by someone else a few years back and quality went straight to hell in my opinion. You can even see the lousy quality in the cheap, crappy packaging.

Oh well, in the next few weeks I can do my yearly chocolate-covered cherry binge around the holidays season. They even make chocolate-covered blueberries now, and they are pretty tasty as well.

Well, it is time to watch a movie and have some wine. I found a good 2011 merlot from Columbia Crest Grand Estates from the Columbia River Valley. Quite tasty.

Ciao for now!

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