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The Audubon “Insects and Spiders” app for my iPhone had an update. Know why?

“Minor bug fixes”. Seriously!


R.I.P., Toonces

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We lost our cat today. I would have to say that this sucks.

Toonces, who came into our lives about 21 years ago, used up all of her nine lives down to the very end. One day we were walking in the park near our house in KS and this scruffy black kitten walked up to Meghan. She was two at the time, and said “Can we make her mine?”. She was kinda cute as kittens usually are – that is what makes them so damned addictive. She must have figured “my job here is done and I now have a place to live so screw the hygiene!”. She never really grooming herself much. Ever. You could brush her and she just didn’t look that way for very long.

She was a good cat, but with an attitude… never really friendly until my cat Bob died a few years back. After that she seemed to come out of her shell since she was then the only cat in the house. She would sleep next to me after he died, seemingly trying to fill that void as best as she could.

Like most pets, she asked for little in return – a sunny place on the carpet to stretch out, a butt-scratch here and there, some food, water, and the occasional treat. She had lost some hearing and vision the last few years but was still the same scruffy, loveable cat who wanted attention… albeit on her own terms.

She and Kona (the dog) went to live with Meghan a couple of years ago after she was settled in and I was moving out of CO. She was doing okay, but starting to show signs of age. Recently, she started to decline rapidly, and “The Decision” had to be made. It is a tough decision to make knowing what the final outcome is; it has to be not only what is best but also the least selfish, and that is a tough line to unblur.

They say you should never have to bury your kids. Our pets are, for the most part, our “kids” and we usually see them through from start to finish. They are also a link to the past… of old times, tying us to certain events or people in our lives. It is so hard to not see them and know that they are now gone, yet we now know that their suffering has gone away. Not only have we lost someone we love, but a little bit of our past is lost, too. Our previous pets that we lost had been around for quite a stay as well. Bob the Cat was about 15 when we lost him, and our dog Lakota was 16. Toonces was the last one of that era of our lives.

It is with a very heavy heart I bid you farewell, Toonces.

A Few More Wines

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I have posted before about getting into tasting different wines. With the ridiculous distilled spirit prices here in Washington state, I bet the beer and wine producers have much higher stock prices. I know the outrageous prices due to taxes and greedy suppliers has driven me towards wine and beer and away from vodka.

A few I have had lately are Two Vines Cab/Merlot blend, Two Vines Merlot, and Columbia Crest Merlot. All three are delicious red wines that I have found a reasonable prices. Of the three I cannot really pick a favorite since I like them all so well. They are also somewhat local for me so I am supporting businesses that are making great wines in my region. There are some really good local wines but pricing ($20 or more) keeps me out of that market unfortunately. I know of a few other local wineries I need to try to see how their pricing is.

I do not have the desire or the finances to spend $12 or more on a bottle of wine. I cannot justify spending that much. I have found the three I mentioned here on a great sale for $6-8 a bottle, and I can afford to do that for the quality of wine I am getting.

For me, and I have mentioned this before, I like wines that have taste that resembles the fruits that they are made from. I have found that the more expensive wines get away from that. I can appreciate the complexities of the flavors but they DO have to be GOOD flavors. I do not necessarily want a sweet, fruity wine that might as well be sold as a wine cooler, but I want something that tastes great, has some substance to it, and is affordable.

I am not an expert and never will be. I just want to experience great wines at a great price.

Justin Bieber… Again

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It seems like the right time, with all of the Prima Donna, “don’t-you-know-who-I-am” things going on in the news, to put two of the most searched words in my blog once again… Justin and Bieber.

I did this last year after I saw it as another method to get more hits on your blog.

I do not recall if it worked, but I am going to see if it makes any difference in visits to my blog for a bit after this posting.

As a side note – anyone searching for “Justin Bieber” also should get results for “intervention”.

Aloha and Mahalo, Hawai’i!

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It is a bit warm outside as I sit in the airport typing this entry waiting for my flight to go back home. My rental car had 82 on the thermometer when I dropped it off, and with the humidity it is getting pretty warm to me.

This has been a great trip. I accomplished my goals of getting my boating certifications, and I had some time to explore the island. I also made a few new friends in a beautiful place that I had not been before.

The food was really good. That Spam sushi was something I am going to have to figure out how to make. I am hooked on that stuff. And Leonard’s… had one last visit (my seventh, I believe) for breakfast this morning and got a pineapple roll for the plane.

Most everyone I met were very friendly. For a touristy place that is busy, traffic runs pretty well.

The weather… What can you say about 75-80 degrees every day? It got pretty warm due to the humidity when it got to the 80s. That is why they make air conditioners, though. And the ocean.

I accomplished a few firsts – first trip to Hawai’i, first time snorkeling, and my first time in a tropical location.

Every place you visit has its own downsides. Here it was expensive for things at the grocery store. Want a gallon of milk? Plan on a fiver and change. Cheap old white hamburger buns? That’ll be three bucks, thank you. Gas was $3.75-4.00 a gallon. Luckily I got to stay in the Service’s bunk house or that would have been maybe $140 a night.

I can definitely see coming back here at some point in the future and revisiting some people and places and exploring another island or two as well.