Time Flies

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Sadly, my time here at Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge is nearly over. It is hard to that believe nearly a year and a half has passed by already.

My replacement has already been chosen and he will be here sometime in mid-to-late March for training with me. In the meantime, I need to start packing the few belongings I am using and prepare to move out of the cabin I have called home this past 17+ months. I also need to do some training myself on what my responsibilities will be on Protection Island when I go out there April 1st.

It is both sad and exciting… I am leaving this place I have worked so hard at and have learned to do so much at, but you cannot move on unless you, well… move on. This was my first caretaker job and the first step in this new direction in my life and I feel great and am excited about the possibilities of the future. The opportunity that is coming up for me is very exciting and I am looking forward to it. Yes, I might be a little nervous about some aspects (like any new position you are starting in anywhere) but it will all be fine and, like all things, you just have to do it and keep learning and making it your own. Operating a boat – especially alone – will be a different experience for me, but I have had training and have been certified for operation of a boat. I have been out of the water in several boats and learned many things from some good friends who are experienced and expert people.

Speaking of friends, I have met a lot of great people and have made many good friends during my relatively short stay here but I really like it up here and I hope to stay… if not now, well, in the future. Some I may not see or hear from again, but many I will be staying in touch with due to the magic of the interweb. It really is much how life has worked from our first memories of school and friends – people move in and out of our schools, our neighborhoods… even our lives. Where I grew up it was a little more prevalent because there was a military base nearby and the population was constantly changing. Some of those people whose paths you cross you stay in touch with, yet others move on to other things in their lives. It is just how it works out.

I have also learned some things about myself as well, and I feel like I have probably become a better person in the last two years. In fact, I was thinking about it last night and I don’t think I have really had a day where I was in a bad mood until a few days ago… the first one in nearly two years! That is pretty remarkable for anyone to say. Have I had days where something didn’t go right and I got pissed off about it and got over it soon thereafter? Well, yeah… but there have not been any days of being in a bad mood all day. You know.. one of “those” days”. I am quite happy to be able to say that.

I have also begun my search for the next place/position after September when my time on Protection Island is done. It is possible to be asked to stay longer so we will have to see where that goes on both sides, but that might be a long time alone on an island (songwriting and the internet will be a huge help with that!). I do still have a couple of potential opportunities to follow up on that can open up in this area, but for now, however, I have started to look around at my next place in case these things do not happen to come through. Gotta be prepared.

No, I had not planned to stay in one spot so soon when I started this adventure (and I said that early om), but this is a good place for me to be and I really like most of what the area has to offer. I also said early on that I would travel around and make mental notes of the best places I visit and put them on a short list of places to end up. I like the Pacific Northwest in general so I probably won’t go too far away – IF it ends up that I have to leave the area for a position to make some money. I have done extensive traveling in the U.S. so I know what areas I will not live in due to weather, politics, or many other factors. Granted no place is perfect in every way so you gotta take a little bad with the things you do like.

But I guess that is really how all the good things in life are.

Free Enterprise

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I just read an article where a clever and industrious Girl Scout set up shop outside a marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. What a genius move! She sold 117 boxes in TWO HOURS and had to call for more! The Girl Scouts even had no problem with her setting up shop there. I bet not, with 117 boxes gone in two hours. Maybe they will move more stands there instead of in front of the door at the grocery store.

The article goes on to say that she is seeing people in need of medical help that the dispensaries provide and understands a bit more about what is going oat. The article said the her and her mother can have a “mature” drug discussion and talk about the people they are seeing going in and out of the dispensary.

I know Girl Scout cookies are not really the healthiest things there are (and that is not why we buy them anyhoo), so maybe next to her booth someone should set up a Weight Watchers or a Lipitor stand.

Need to Send Me a Message or Get in Contact With Me?

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For obvious reasons I do not and will not post my personal contact info on here.

If, for some reason you want to send me a personal message or even call and do not have my e-mail or phone number, please feel free to post a comment on a posting. They are not public unless I approve them so your message will stay private.


Just a Quick Note…

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I just went through my blog and did some re-formatting and am hoping it will be easier to navigate now. I looked at it tonight and some of the last changes I made seemed to make the site difficult to get around. Some of the things for formatting the layout were not real clear to me but I think I am finally getting it figured out.

I apologize for any difficulties you may have encountered.

Motorcycle Ride

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I got a replacement part for my 1986 Honda VF1100C V65 Magna about the time I got sick, so it has been sitting in my car for over a week. It is a helmet holder/lock, and it also locks the seat in place. Since I was off today and am almost back to normal I decided to go put the part on my bike and get it back together and ready to ride when the weather breaks (we have had some serious winds and some rain around here lately; it has also been too cold to ride over the last 6-8 weeks and I was also in Hawaii). I got the part on and it works like it should.


Well, one thing led to another… the showers stopped, the bike was re-assembled and ready to go, the sun came out, and a chorus of angels sang. I strapped on the helmet, neck warmer and insulated coveralls were already installed, and pulled on the leather gloves. It was out onto the highway for a quick ride between weather systems! WOOT! I use he term “quick” as in “not a long ride”… I would never ever break the speed limit. Ever. Especially when I am piloting 1100 CCs and 100 H.P. of raging badness. But it IS rated for a top speed of 120… and I know I don’t want to go THAT fast.

After sitting for a while it needed to be run at highway speeds to keep the fuel flowing through it in an orderly fashion. I added some Seafoam to the fuel a while back to help with moisture and the damn ethanol issues that can cause from sitting too long. While I was at it I added a shot to the oil as well – it is supposed to be good for all the systems on an engine. I got the bike warmed up, and it was ready for some attention. From everyone.

I got on the neighborhood road with the slow speed limit and went toward the highway. Engine is good and warm; man it feels good to be back in the saddle again. I got to the highway and turned the corner onto it and off we went… and, of course, doing the speed limit because I don’t break any traffic laws. Ever. This really was going to have to be a short ride judging by the look of the sky… there was some really nasty weather heading toward me. I am sure I could probably outrun it on this bike, but that would be illegal. So I went a few miles around the block and went back to the garage, returning just in the nick of time. The winds picked up and the rains came again as I pulled into the garage. Mother Nature cut me some slack for a few minutes and let me get it out of my system.

Man, it felt great to be up on two wheels again. It has been WAY too long. I have considered selling it, but every time I get on it it just begs me to stay as it roars to life. It is such a fun bike to ride, and there is nothing that compares with that “oneness” you feel with your surroundings on a motorcycle. It is much different than a Jeep or convertible with the top down… on a bike you are much more connected to everything that is going on just due to the nature of being on two wheels. If not, well, then you can fall over and get hurt.

It is so much fun to ride, but would I REALLY sell it after saying all of this? Well, sure… EVERYONE and EVERYTHING has a price. I don’t know if I will try to sell it or not at this point, but if I got a decent offer out of the blue I would seriously consider it. If not, well there are plenty of road trips to be had this summer that I did not get to do last year since it was so busy here.