Post #250!

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I write this post, my 250th, sitting in John Wayne Marina watching Sequim Bay bask in the last few minutes of calm and sunset on a beautiful but windy day. A few Canada geese are back and on the water, passing through on their migration. A couple of seals are out in the water in front of the park bench I am sitting on. A Kingfisher belts out his raspy tune and flies out over the water. A pair of Great Blue Heron just flew over, and the gulls are swarming out on the water in a laid-back feeding frenzy. A family is walking the shoreline.

A lot has happened in my life since several months before I started this blog nearly two years ago. I have seen and experienced so many new and different things and places since post #1, I have made many new friends, and checked a new state (and other accomplishments) off my life list. I live in a beautiful place with fantastic weather.

Whether or not I continue blogging about this ongoing adventure remains to be seen yet, but I plan on continuing living life to the fullest even though I will have to make some adjustments here and there since life is not a static event.

Would I do this again? Without a doubt I would do this again and I would not hesitate. It was well worth the wait.

A Close One


Today, while riding my motorcycle in town, I had my face shield up because I was going slow and it was pretty warm.

All of a sudden a wasp – yes, a wasp – flew inside my helmet and landed on my cheek. The little bastard got past the windshield and right on in there. Just as I was going to shift out of “oh shit” mode and into “panic” mode, he flew out without incident. I had no idea how to fix the problem without wrecking and/or getting stung. I was more worried about crashing than being stung by a long shot, though.

It kinda reminded me of when me and my friend Dave years ago were riding our 750 Hondas and he got hit in the chest with a bumblebee. That was quite the painful surprise for them both.

A Question

Just things

As I write this entry this blog has seen 8,671 visits from 78 different countries. That is really quite something to see when it comes to something you have written.

I have contemplated this past week about no longer writing or even posting my blog – away it would go into the digital dustbin. I just do not know if it has “run its course” or not with the people who read it. I try to keep it interesting and yet non-controversial, but do people enjoy it? I don’t post as often as I used to mainly because all of the “new” things in my life I have already written about and they are no longer new.

So, to help me along in the decision, please let me know what you think I should do by sending me a comment if you’d like to see it continue. I will see what people have to say over the next 60 days or so before it renews and make a decision on whether or not to continue it. Your comments, as always, are moderated by me before they post, and may or may not be approved and posted. It’s nothing personal if it doesn’t post.


Adventure, Outdoors

The last two days we have been doing bird surveys around the island, looking for feeding and nesting birds. We go out in the boat and watch where they go with food for their chicks and make note of the nests.

While doing this today we saw something quite incredible. There were many seals in the water and on the beach. There are a lot of seal pups now since it is the season for that. We noticed a large seal struggle to get onto the beach and did not think too much about it. We continued watching the birds and someone said “OMG… that seal is giving birth!”. We immediately all focused on the joyous event, and I got to see the last part of the birth. About 15 minutes later, we saw it take its first swim. That was really something to witness that occurring, and I would think that not many people get to see that happen.

Just one more cool thing I have been fortunate enough to be involved with on the refuge.

New Song I Am Working On


For those who might be interested, I have posted a new song on my SoundCloud account that I have been working on for quite some time. It is called “The Neverending Suite”.

I won’t be leaving the song up on there very long since I need to do a few more things to it. It’s mainly just put it out there to let everybody have a listen. If you like it then that’s great. If you don’t well that’s fine too. I realize it may not be everyone’s idea of good music but that’s okay.