August 7, 2015

Yesterday I came over to hang with Meghan at her place in Skykomish. I got here late in the day so didn’t get to see much. I have been through this area before but was just passing through.

It is a pretty area and quite reminiscent of parts of Colorado except some of the peaks, like Mt. Index, are very jagged like the Sawtooths in Idaho. There are beautiful streams and lots of trails as well, and Saturday I am going on an all-day hike.

Today I saw Meghan at work and she showed me around the Forest Service office she works in. That was pretty cool to see. After that I did a short loop trail by Deception Falls. It was the first forest hike I have done in over a year – between work and the wreck I have not been out in the woods much and I have missed it.

Meghan at Work




Meghan got off work early and we went to an airplane museum, where we saw some interesting planes. One thing that was really cool was the DC-3, and they even fired up the engines whole we were standing there!





It is great to see Meghan again and it was great to be in the woods again. I have had quite a bit on my mind lately and badly need to decompress and try to regroup. I did not really realize how bad I needed this weekend until today when I set foot on that trail and saw those giant trees and the waterfalls. I felt a sense of peace that I have not had in a long while and I really am looking forward to being being high on the trail tomorrow.

Until then…

It damn sure won’t be another year between hikes like that.

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