I Bought a Kilt

Just things

After seriously looking at buying one of these for the last year I finally pulled the trigger and bought a utility kilt. I bought a medium-price range one just to see if I wouldn’t like it because I knew I would and didn’t want to buy some horribly cheap one that I would be stuck with.

I have to admit that the first time I wore it out was a bit strange but I got over that in about 2 minutes. I have worn it out and about several times and I love everything about it… except THAT question. You know the one, and I ain’t gonna repeat it. I get smiles and waves from ladies and stares from their husbands (kinda like when you ride a motorcycle). Older folks and kids look at me puzzled and disgusted but I just look at them all and smile because SOME of them want to wear one as well but don’t have the balls to at least try it out!

My original idea was to get one to wear to work instead of shorts. The more that I thought about it I remembered that I didn’t wear shorts but a few times last year because of the nature of the job. If I would get a scratch on the leg in one of the bathrooms it could be very bad so I just wear lightweight work pants and that helps when it warms up.

You know, it’s just like anything else in life – if you want to do something DO IT! Don’t put things off and wish your life away with regret. Sometimes we have to put things off but sometimes they are forgotten. That’s understandable in the madness we call life. Just put off less and live!

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