California Road Trip Pictures

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Just a quick note to let you know that I finally got around to adding a few pictures to my California road trip postings. I did not really get much of a chance to get many pictures taken since it was such a fast trip. Feel free to go back and check them out!

I’ll be going back there in the future so I will be taking and posting more pictures of that area. I have purchased a laptop so it will be much more convenient to post pictures while traveling once I get it set up with my pictures.

I am quarantined at the moment so I cannot get away anywhere else right now; I started coming down with something a few days ago and I am trying to keep it at bay with some juices, water, chicken soup, and Zicam. Not feeling too good but I’m probably better than I would be if I were not taking those things.

That’s all I have for now – just wanted to share the updates.

Music – 80’s and Metal

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Earlier tonight I sat down and watched some old 80’s metal videos. MTV was playing some metal videos from back in the day, and watching them sure brought back a ton of memories (Yes…MTV playing music. Go figure!). I used to watch those when they came out but it was mainly just to hear some of the music. The videos were all bad except for the live concert footage. You have to remember this was before the internet (waaaayyyy back…) so that was the only way to be exposed to new music and new bands unless you took a chance and brought an expensive import vinyl record (then, later on, CDs). Unfortunately, the mid-70s on into the 80s were horrible for music so combine the two and one could be desperate for new tunes on a continuing basis.

Saw some bands on there I had not heard since the 80s – Armored Saint, Helloween, Duo, Dokken, and one of my faves…Iron Maiden. And of course, there were some bands that should have never gotten as far as recording an album let alone shooting a video. I guess that still stands true. I do not listen to the radio since its all corporate playlists and mostly bad music. Add to that my genre of music is not played on the radio so that suits me fine.

Man…I’m so glad people don’t dress like that anymore. That stuff didn’t die off fast enough. Those hideous clothes, over-the-top makeup, and big, big hair. Don’t believe in global warming? Just look at all those hairdos and it’s easy to see what escalated it!

After that, I saw the last part of a documentary called “Heavy Metal in Baghdad”. It’s a very well-done documentary about a metal band in Iraq named Acrassicauda and what they go through. I won’t go into too much detail about it, but if you are into music you will probably like it. One part they talk about is the war and bombs and such in their neighborhoods. That was a poignant spot in the movie and it took me back to college days and an Israeli guy in a broadcasting class I took. He brought a home movie of a SCUD missile attack when Iraq was shooting missile at them. I remember it to be terrifying and a “different reality” than what you see on TV. When it is someone you know going through their neighborhood being bombed and potentially gassed it is a whole different thing.

Anyhoo, not trying to close out on a downer; the movie reminded me of that but it is worth watching. Most of those 80s videos eh, not so much.

Think I am headed to bed. I am making a storage unit trip tomorrow and need to get up at a decent time.


Video Posting

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My mom was one of my biggest fans. Yesterday would have been her birthday and it has made me think about her a bit more than I already was.

She was one of my biggest fans and followed every posting of this blog through her dial-up connection. She printed out all of my postings and put them in a scrapbook. She would tell me how much she liked the pictures and how beautiful the places were that I had posted pictures of and the commentary I had written within the postings.

The main reason I started this blog was to keep friends and family up to date on where I was and what I was doing. I have tried to keep it interesting and fun, but I know there have been a few serious things I posted as well all well. Along the way I have gathered many followers and have received even more likes. I am glad my mom got so much joy out of reading it and I do plan to keep it going because she would have enjoyed reading all of it.

I was thinking of the possibilities of doing a video podcast during my travels along with my blog. I don’t know if I want to really work on stuff like that or not while I am oot and aboot or not so I need to ponder that thought. I will keep the blog going but I thought that doing a video podcast might be something interesting to at least try. I think that sometimes you need more than pictures; sometimes you need to have a better representation of what you’d like to say and video can say a lot. It can catch your emotions at the time, the sounds, movement…so much more of the experience.

I don’t really know much about doing the podcasts so I will be researching it to see if I even want to pursue it. You may be thinking “Gee…why not just use the YouTube?”. I am not a Google client and won’t be; I am also not on Facebook and haven’t been for 5 years. I left Twitter and pulled my music off of Soundcloud. This blog is the extent of my social media at this time. Since I am using a free WordPress site my storage at the moment is limited and I already have a lot of pics posted so there would not be much room for videos without deleting postings and media. I may have to consider upgrading back to my previous website domain and getting more storage.

The hosting and such I need to look into and see just what my best option is since I don’t know much about the hosting aspects either. If I did that I could have more storage and could post videos within my blog without having to do a separate podcast. I will still consider the option of the podcasting though.

If you read this posting and have any advice on website hosting please let me know!

Observations – 01/15/17


This post finds me nearly home, in one last hotel for one last night on this particular adventure. I’m not so sure that I could call it a “vacation” and I have alluded to that. If you read my previous posts from the past week and a half to two weeks you would probably agree.

It’s nice to be back home (almost!), especially since I have things I need to take care of. It’s also nice not be on that damn airplane or in the airport. Any airport.

I am really over how humans are nowadays. Nobody gives a shit about those around them. They just do not care.

You know, it really is a shame that people don’t know how to act. Belligerent behavior because they’re too illiterate to understand what zone they are in even though it’s printed on their ticket and they get told to wait their turn, the people who have their heads buried in their phones and just tend to stop in front of you or block aisles and walkways and then look at you like you’re the problem when you say something to them about it, and last but not least those “feel good” parents who refused to say anything to their kid to correct their behavior when they’re annoying everybody else and doing things they shouldn’t do even after the stewardess tell them to stop. It really is no wonder the country is in the shape that it’s in. Our future could really be screwed. One thing about that belligerent dumbass…he was also causing problems in the back of the plane. The flight crew was handling it but I know how this guy was after seeing him in action in the terminal. I volunteered to help with whatever they needed to deal with this a-hole. They said they would keep it in mind but the situation was handled without escalating.

Enough of that subject.

I still have some of that residual noise in my head that I need to work on quieting down. I was in hopes of my trip to KS helping to negate some of the noise, but with the weather affecting me in KS as well as my trip south cut short it was a bit of a drag. Add to that I had a few bad hotel experiences in the Hilton chain. Still, I got some relief and that feels great.

Next up? Well, I need to find out when my job is wanting me to return to work for the summer season and that will have a big bearing on where the road leads me and for how long. I should know pretty soon when that is. I still have a few of those other previously mentioned “personal things” to take care of as well but my start date will probably have the most importance in everything.

All I know for certain is that it will be a road trip. I will be getting my Scotty trailer and bringing it home with me and making it another adventure. It will probably be a lengthy adventure in terms of time but some ideas I have had about an area to go to may change from what I was originally thinking. I thought of some other areas and places to visit at some point in my travels, and you never really know what else can come up. Just like the last few weeks!

Being a seasonal employee you also learn to over-apply for many jobs to cover your bases with the hopes you get something. It certainly makes it interesting living like this, but I enjoy it quite frankly. Keeps me sharp!

My Time Away Comes to a Close

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I am in the final hours of my time off. Tomorrow I start to make my way back home.

The weather has not been  cooperating with me during the last nearly two weeks. After I left California, it looks like they got about 5 inches of rain down there and I dodged ice and snow in Oregon. The storm chased me all the way back north up to Seattle. I got out of there and got on a plane to Kansas to visit family.

Unfortunately, this weather has screwed me out of some visiting time with my dad. I did get to see him for a few days of my visit here and we got some things done around the house that needed fixed. I had to come over to the airport a day early and grab a room because of a pending ice storm. I really hope I can get out of here tomorrow. It’s pretty much doom and gloom on the forecast so my fingers are crossed.

At least I have trip insurance this time. That should (hopefully) cover any issues that may arise from the weather (and a horrible airline). I usually do not buy trip insurance but I felt I needed to this time. I have an appointment I need to get back and get to so I can wrap up some personal business soon so I wanted to hedge my bets. I have some things I really want to do but cannot until I wrap those personal things up.

I did not get the chance to really decompress like I wanted and needed to. Yes, I was able to unwind somewhat but I really need more so I will figure that out when I get home. Granted I stayed in some nice hotels on my adventure, but that’s not what it was about.

That is the thing about the way I travel though. By not really planning I do assume some risk, but I feel the rewards outweigh the risks. I have never really had any travel issues by not planning. Things are bound to happen at some point and I accept that risk because the rewards can be fantastic! Besides, what am I gonna do about it? I can’t control the weather but I can control how I adapt to it. If I have to leave early then I have to leave early.

It’s all good though. I DID get the opportunity to get away for a few weeks and did get a road trip in. I got to visit family and any time you get to visit family is always a plus. I DID get to unwind some and that’s better than nothing. We just have to take what we can get when we can get it.