California Road Trip Pictures

Just a quick note to let you know that I finally got around to adding a few pictures to my California road trip postings. I did not really get much of a chance to get many pictures taken since it was such a fast trip. Feel free to go back and check them out!

I’ll be going back there in the future so I will be taking and posting more pictures of that area. I have purchased a laptop so it will be much more convenient to post pictures while traveling once I get it set up with my pictures.

I am quarantined at the moment so I cannot get away anywhere else right now; I started coming down with something a few days ago and I am trying to keep it at bay with some juices, water, chicken soup, and Zicam. Not feeling too good but I’m probably better than I would be if I were not taking those things.

That’s all I have for now – just wanted to share the updates.

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