February 23, 2017

Adventure, Music

Today I helped Meghan out with a few things at work and then made a trip to Virginia City. It has been pretty windy and cold here. That makes it a little difficult to get out and enjoy a walk so a road trip was it. Nothing was open in Virginia City so I could not really do much more there than take pictures:

Virginia City, MT

Virginia City, MT

Virginia City, MT

As I drive around I am constantly wondering why people leave so much crap piled around their houses. Old cars, refrigerators, broken farm machinery…the list is endless. There are plenty of people who will haul away scrap metal and some will even give you some cash for old cars and scrap metal. Get rid of that mess and clean up the planet!

Speaking of driving around, my road trip plans are not looking real good as of right now. The weather is doing its best to mess with me real badly so I am going to need to regroup tomorrow morning. There are some very formidable systems moving in across most every route that I need to take. I will probably keep pushing on since I have enough of a buffer in my time to still get the trailer and get back in time for some appointments. I am already ⅓ of the way there and I do not really want to have to turn around now to go home empty.

Right now, I honestly think that I will have to go south to get home with the trailer. This means possibly New Mexico to California. Seriously…I am seeing this as possibly the only alternative I have to get home, and that is even if I can get to the trailer to get it. It’s really not a good situation so I am trying to stay flexible.

This is a short post tonight and I apologize. I slept horribly last night. I am beat and need to go to bed and figure out a plan in the morning. I will catch up with you tomorrow!

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