March 19th, 2017

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(I started this post on March 19th and was too busy to finish it)

It has been a great time the last few days. Angie and Alexis came out to visit and we have been all over the place.

The first few days we stayed at the Hotel 5 in Seattle. It is a pretty cool boutique hotel downtown near the Space Needle, the Five Point, and many other fun and interesting things to see, eat, and do. I would (and will) stay there again and I recommend it to anyone.

We went to the Pike Place Market – always a good place to visit for great food and people watching. After that we went to the Five Point for some food and then headed back to the hotel to kick back a bit and figure out where we were going when.

The next day we went to the MoPOP (formerly the EMP). Alexis is a Kurt Cobain fan so she had to see the Nirvana exhibit. It’s a good thing we went when we did because today is the last day of the exhibit. Our timing could not have been better. It is traveling to Brazil, then back to here to be displayed again in some form but probably without some of the things we saw. There was a volunteer guide who was a huge Nirvana fan since ’92 that did a guided walk through the exhibit. It was very interesting to hear some of the things she talked about.

We left there and went to the Waterfront area and walked around. Seattle is such an awesome place.

The next day started out with decent weather in Seattle and then turned poopy as we headed southwest toward the coast. Lots of rain. Copious amounts of rain. We went to Aberdeen, WA…Kurt Cobain lived there as a kid. We got to see the park named for him and it is just down the street from the house he grew up in. I have been through Aberdeen a few times before and it ended up being an interesting place to visit.

We worked our way up the coast and their first-ever view of the Pacific Ocean. We got to Ruby Beach and did some beach walking despite the weather. We tried to find some tide pools but did not see anything – possibly this was due to the rough water.

We ended up getting a room in Forks, WA. Yes…THAT Forks. It was just a place to stop for the night and not hunting for vampires or werewolves. We found a decent, older motel for a decent price. Tomorrow’s destination was to get to Port Townsend and then get back to Seattle a day early to avoid not getting a ferry and them missing their plane.

We headed north and east from Forks on US 101 and stopped at Marymere Falls for a hike. We went through Port Angeles and Sequim and stopped there for Angie’s first taste of Thai food at Sawadee Thai. We then headed on towards Port Townsend for some sightseeing, shopping, and walking. Such a cool town to visit and hang out in. Afterwards we got on  the Bainbridge ferry – another first for Angie and Alexis. The water was pretty good so no scary ride this time…other than the hordes of prom-going teenagers. Not on e of the girls had a sweater, jacket, etc. and it was definitely not a warm day.

We made our way to the hotel near the mall and we found our way to that mall the next day after we went to visit Jimi Hendrix’ grave.

It was a good visit and we had fun. They got to see many things, but there is so much up here to see and do.

Big Day Tomorrow!

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Tomorrow, Angie and Alexis fly in to SeaTac and I will be picking them up after dropping off my trailer at a storage facility. I will be gone for a few days and I want it in a secure location while I am gone. Plus, it will not be in the way if someone needs to get by.

We will have a great time I am sure. I have been wanting to hang out in Seattle for a while and do some exploring but I am excited about the whole adventure. There are many things to see – the Pacific Coast on US 101, monorail, the Hoh rainforest, MoPOP, Pike Place, the Five Point, food, food and food. Most of all, fun shall be had. Since they have never been here before it will be all new to them and they are excited to get here.

The work season is going to be ramping up shortly so I am trying to make the most of any remaining time off I have left. I hope to get the trailer out and about before work resumes so I can enjoy some quiet time away.

I will be contacting my insurance agent to see about getting the trailer damage from my trailer tire fixed. I hope they will cover it. Most of the damage is beyond what I can repair myself. I have it taken care of pretty good for a temporary fix but it really needs to be done by the pros.

I’ll post pictures as soon as I can post them. We will be wandering about for the next few days so it may not be until after I return.


Good to be Home!

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I got on the road for the last hour home yesterday morning. Man, it is soooo relaxing to be home. I slept mighty well last night.

No more worries about the weather keeping me from getting back on time to do take care of the things I need to do. Still have plenty of rain, but at least there is no wind and I got the leak in the trailer stopped temporarily.

Unfortunately the trailer is a bit too tall to fit in my storage unit so I have to pursue some alternatives for storage. That was a bit disappointing. Being concerned about the leaky roof makes me want to get indoor storage but it’s not available right now. I cannot find any covered storage nearby so I guess I will have to try to cover it best I can to keep the water out until I can get it fixed more permanently.

I do miss being out on the road – I really did not get the full enjoyment of traveling before returning home this time and I still have a need to get away. The time that I had built-in to stop and see stuff was burnt up sitting in Grand Junction, but it’s what I had to do. I’ll get the chance to travel again and now that I have the trailer here the hardest part is done.  I had to beat feet to get home and get a few things done before I get tied up over the next few weeks with appointments and my oldest daughter and granddaughter are coming to visit and sightsee.

We are going to have a great time exploring so this will be a nice getaway. They have never been up this way before so it is going to be fun. I have been wanting to hang out in Seattle for a while and we are going to get the chance. Delicious food, cool things to do and see, and possibly some new experiences for me as well as them.

Check back for updates, or to read previous posts. How about doing both?!?!

March 9th, 2017

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Almost home!

I left Pendleton, OR this morning to make the almost final push home. It was a rainy drive all the way, and I decided to stop and stay at Walmart in the parking lot to wait until morning. I do not want to haul the trailer home just to turn around and haul it back for storage.

Upon arriving at Walmart I opened up the trailer to get settled in…only to find the damn trailer roof leaked and there was water everywhere. I went out in the blowing rain trying to at least slow down the leak since I really cannot stop it completely with this rain. Unfortunately, my temporary fix looks a bit unsightly but I have to do what I have to do.

I am really hoping to get even a short break in the weather in the morning to seal it up with sealant but I do not know if that is even a possibility. The forecast calls for rain until the year 3010 so I will probably be fighting it until I can find covered storage tomorrow.

This was more than a bit discouraging I must say. It never leaked last night while it rained. I really hope it can find its way out and not ruin anything more. I guess I shoulda checked and sealed it before I left KS but didn’t think about doing that. My hope is that I can get it into the storage unit I already have and I will not have to be driving around hunting for another one.

But, on the bright side, I am nearly home and that takes quite a bit of pressure off. No more trying to plan around the weather to get home in time for things I have to do. Such a relief!

March 8th, 2017

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Not much longer!

After going back and forth on the route to take, I left West Wendover, NV this morning and took some back roads up to Twin Falls, ID to catch I-84. The KOA there that I stayed in was behind a bunch of casinos so that was a bit strange. Nothing quite like being out camping in the wild!

Heading up the pass leaving there I got a glimpse of the Great Salt Lake in my mirror. I have been this way a few times before so I have seen the vastness of the salt desert. It is interesting to see the “desert” landscapes while traveling. There is so much diversity of landscapes and scenery in this country you can usually find something visually pleasing everywhere.

It was a pretty nice drive on this stretch of U.S. Highway 93, one that I had never been on until today – decent pavement with plenty of passing lanes and scenery. One mountain in the distance looked like it was a volcano, and given their prevalence here it would not be surprising. To even further reinforce that is there were a few signs for hot springs.

After all of the miles driven so far over the past 2+ weeks, I hit the first precipitation of my trip a few hours ago in Oregon. Yep, I made it part of the way across Oregon today. Glad I taped up the holes under the trailer yesterday nor it would have been bad inside the trailer.

On road trips you can find and see all sorts of things. I remember seeing Miss Budweiser, the racing boat at a rest area. A few years back I saw the giant Marilyn Monroe statue  on a truck at a rest area in western Colorado. Today I saw something I had never heard of.

A flat-bed was heading east on the interstate as I was heading west. On the back of it was this weird-looking creamy yellow and red-striped old truck with the words “Levi’s Puppet Rodeo” painted on the side of it. It was a pretty cool-looking piece of Americana.

That’s about all I have for now. It’s movie time!