A Little Getaway


I decided to treat myself to a little adventure over the weekend. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from everything you see every day and spoil yourself.

I had a delicious supper at a great Greek restaurant tonight in Anacortes called Greek Islands. I have not been there in quite a while and it was just as great as always. Nice atmosphere and delicious food.

As I write this I am kicked back in a suite at the Sunrise Inn, watching “Archer” and laughing out loud. It’s hilarious, but not for the faint- hearted. I no longer have TV at home and only had it for 4 months when I did have it. I don’t see TV much these days and haven’t had pay TV in five years. I will catch streaming shows or watch hotel TV when I travel. Summer’s coming so there won’t be much of a reason to be indoors.

We’ll see what happens where tomorrow. Got a few things going on including meeting up with and kicking back a little with some friends. It’ll be good.


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Music used to be my world. I grew up collecting vinyl and going to hundreds of concerts. I spent many dollars on CDs, DVDs, concert tickets, guitars, and other music equipment. I did concert lighting and stage production for years as well. It was my life.

Over time I lost some interest in music until I discovered new styles of music and new artists, piquing my interests in new possibilities of expression. I got bored with the crap that was being released and this new stuff was exciting and made you think about what was going on in the songs. It made me want to write more and in this more complicated style that I had found. It took off lyrically for me at first, becoming more able to express my own thoughts in different ways. It was also easier to write the words than the music that I was creating in my head since I don’t read music and am not an advanced guitar player. I know what I want to do, I just have to figure out how to get there musically so I do my best to get the feel I want in the music and have it “work” with the lyrics. Before the wreck I was working on my playing and was improving.

I think another part of not playing much is that I had a decent studio set up in my house in Colorado and got rid of everything when I moved. I actually had a full stage set-up in my basement and it was great for parties!

I got out my guitar over the weekend and did a little playing. I have not really played much since my motorcycle wreck. I have still wanted to play but the wreck has affected my left hand and arm somewhat so I now have dexterity and strength issues trying to play. It pisses me off to be affected like this but it is how it’s gonna be so I know I have to deal with it. I don’t have to LIKE it…and I don’t. After the wreck I could not really play for about a year and a half. My hand just would not co-operate. It has gotten some function back and will never be the same. But, I AM alive.

I also went back and revisited some of the songs I have recorded, either alone or with others. Quite a trip down memory lane that was, thinking about the things in life at that point in time. I have had some spark of creativity show up lately (finally!) after being stifled for far too long. It’s giving me some new ideas for my ongoing project “The Neverending Suite”, now just over 13 ½ minutes long.

One song I am particularly fond of is “Man in the Mirror”, the first song where I was able to really start to find my footing writing lyrics. It was one of the earliest my friend John and I recorded together, combining my words and music he had stashed away in his guitar for a while. It really brought back what was going on in my life at the time and was almost prophetic in how things have turned out for me the last few years.

I am going to be getting my guitar out more often. It is relaxing and the creativity is very gratifying. At some point I’ll be able to get some equipment set back up and make better recordings, but for now I will just do what I can with what I have. It still is fun to do the writing – in a sense it is a musical journal.


Wow! Thanks!


Yesterday, this blog passed 500 likes and 100 followers!

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of that. I never really thought (or cared) much about the numbers; it was merely communication to people – open letters to those close to me who could comment back or send me a message.

I also never really figured it would go this far or last this long… but it has. It almost didn’t a few years back but I decided to continue after taking time away from it.

Since the beginning, the blog has had nearly 300 posts with over 10,000 views and 3,239 visitors from 84 different countries. It’s pretty cool to have that kind of interest in something you do.

Thanks again for your interest!


April 22nd, 2017

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I started back to work for the season on Monday. It was odd working five days this week but it is going to be nice to build the bank account back up! Getting to spend time outdoors in not-so-crappy weather has been nice as well, but it IS the PNW.

I have been anxiously anticipating the season starting. Some new challenges and expectations come along with the new position I now have and I am looking forward to those, as well as continuing on with the responsibilities I had last year as well. Never a dull moment and each day is different – be it the weather and/or the people there is always something new.

Another plus about building the bank account back up is I have been thinking of a trip overseas someplace. I am not quite sure where yet but I have some destinations I am interested in and I would like to stay there as long as possible. Most of Europe and Eastern Europe have long been on my bucket list.  Other places are intriguing to me as well – Tokyo, Viet Nam, Iceland, Australia, and all are possibilities. I am not sure when I will go quite yet but I need to start thinking about that. I have a friend whose wife is from Poland. I missed out on going with them this year but would like to tag along with them on a trip at some point. He really likes it over there and it sounds like an interesting place with a lot of history.

I am going to get my trip in to Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire this year to visit those last three of the fifty states. That is a BIG bucket list checkmark. I still would like to drive across and see as many of the Canadian Provinces I have not been to while in the area. I got my free Parks Canada pass for 2017 so I can really get some use out of that. I also have an America the Beautiful pass for the U.S. so my sightseeing is all covered pretty well between the two.

Life tends to change as we all know, so I may have to just fly to the “other corner” for the time being. I have been trying to get there for several years and I decided last year that 2017 is the year I go there one way or another. Getting to all 50 states is the first thing I ever had on my bucket list and it’s time for that check mark.

One last note – I try hard to keep my opinion about politics out of this blog. Yes, I may have posted a few things in the past but I think I have gotten all of those posts deleted. This blog is meant to be about dome of what’s going on in my life (at least what parts that I share on here) and my adventures, and was started so my friends and family could keep up with me since I may be the last remaining person online who is not on Facebook.

With that said, it is pretty damn difficult to keep my opinions quiet on here with what is going on in the world and I think that I am actually am doing pretty good at it!




What a Great Day!

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As I write this I am kicked back in the sun on a riverbank, in a t-shirt, surrounded by nature. The sounds, smells, and sights that are all around us is diverse and amazing. It’s easy to escape in it. And yes… I have my pants on as well.

Today was another outdoors day. I guess I was tired Friday when I got home because I slept a solid ten hours that night. Must have needed it but I could not fall asleep last night until 1:00 am, and then I woke up at 6:00 this morning. I haven’t slept that good or that long in quite a while as I did Friday night. That’s okay I woke up at 6 since I felt pretty good with just 5 hours in. Plus it’s a beautiful day and there’s stuff to do so I rolled out of bed and got ready to go after I made some breakfast.

It was a beautiful, sunny day today so I took advantage of it. I went to the storage lot and spent a few hours there knocking a few “to-dos” off the trailer list. Got several things done so not much left to do, but those things need to be done outside of the lot anyhoo. I got a few upgrades done and took a few things out I didn’t need in there. Saves pounds and that saves fuel and money. Getting kind of excited to use the trailer. It’s a pretty big change in my life right now.

Okay, had to come back in – starting to cool off so it was time. Plus, that’s about all I needed to say for now. Think I’ll go catch a movie or two.