Oh…And One More Thing…

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Yesterday I picked up an energy saving kit from my local public utility company. It is a major score.

In the box there is the following:

8 – LED lightbulbs

2 – LED filament bulbs

2 – faucet aerators

1 – water-saving shower head that lets the cold water pass and shuts off the flow once it hits 97 degrees. Pull a handle and it comes back on.

I got this entire box for TEN DOLLARS! This should save some major money on the electric bill, but I don’t do it for that. It does help, yes, but I do it because saving energy is the right thing to do.

If you can find a deal like this rom your utility company I would encourage you to get one. They made it so easy to conserve.

August 30, 2017 – Another Busy Weekend

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I have been rather busy this weekend, and it’s just too early to go back to work tomorrow! I need another day off. Better yet, make it two!

I am sitting here writing this while enjoying one of my favorite wines – Two Vines Cabernet-Merlot, 2013. This is one delicious wine and I need to stock up now that I have room to stash some. Probably should wait until the weather gets cooler, though… unless I see a raging deal on it. I’ll just empty my fridge for wine storage and eat downstairs!

I have not had wine in a while and I would like to start getting back into it. It was fun and interesting trying all those different wines. However, it becomes rather easy to polish off a bottle in one night after trying a few good bottles. And, as I stated in an earlier posting, liquor is too damned expensive here in WA. A good wine (at least one I like) is fairly inexpensive.

I went out and about shopping yesterday and got my internet hooked up. It’s pretty fast internet, I must say, and I have never had internet this fast before. I do quite a few things on the internet so it is money I need to spend. It’s not too expensive and I am locked in on a low price.

I was looking for furniture and had no luck, so today I went in this store down the street to get something and was talking to the lady. She is the owner and is really nice. I had forgotten that in part of her gift shop she also sells furniture. I ended up buying a pub-style dining table and four stools from her, and then ended up also buying a used recliner on a screaming deal. That means a place to eat AND something to sit in other than a Coleman bungee lawn chair.

Today I went over to get some things from a co-worker who gave me more furniture – a twin bed (not perfect, but it’ll get me off of the floor/air bed for now until I can get a normal adult-sized bed), a nightstand, and a plain chair (for a soon-to-be-acquired desk). She also has a desk but I was looking at one in the store instead since it was a little bigger and left hers there. The owner of the shop was making me a great deal on two different ones (and I will possibly go back and get one), but I think I can use the other one my co-worker has along with it.

I really hated to get into my savings, but I had no household furnishings except for kitchen things (and bar stuff). I am going to quite enjoy some damn comfort, dammit. nI have sacrificed a a few years now and it’s MY time to enjoy.

It was a good weekend, and today was really good. I made progress on furnishings for the apartment (bought locally!), met some of my “neighbors”, and made a couple of new friends.

Yeah, that’s a pretty good day I’d say.

Winding Down

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As the season winds down, we are all doing the same. People heading back to college in a couple of weeks, some traveling, or others off to another seasonal gig. Still plenty of work to do yet, though for those of us being kept on a little later in the year.

With that slowing comes the chance to finally be able to get away for some much-needed time off – enough relaxing to tide me over until my season ends and I can really go away for longer trips. I have some time saved up and several days of earned vacation time that I need to use while the weather is still decent since I’d like to go north.

After I get a few personal priorities taken care of that are temporarily holding me back I will finally be able to get away. Those things are slowing me down from getting a few flights booked and a road trip or two planned.

I do have one trip planned for Montana to see Meghan but I won’t know about getting back to KS until I get those personal things out of the way. My friend Jim and I are not real sure about going to Europe yet given the political stupidity going on so that is possibly on hold for a while. I have been seeing some screaming deals for flights on a website I subscribed to and I don’t know if I want to, or CAN, wait too long with the prices I have seen. There are plenty of other places to go!

An Interesting Evening

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I went down to the Chinese restaurant for a late supper. It was a bit surreal experience tonight.

It was like one of those black & white movies from to 40s or 50s – dark sidewalk in a small town, with a little diner with flashing lights in the window that is open into the wee hours (well, 10 PM at least!). And I’m sitting in this movie – loving every little thing abou it. You know the type of movie I’m talking about. “Film noir” would be the genre.

I have not had the opportunity to do this much since I have never really lived in a city so I’m going to do often. I remember doing this a few times in Denver when I still lived in CO. The dive bars on Broadway – The Hornet was the first one I went to and a sentimental fave along with being a cool place. Others I cannot recall but are in that same neighborhood. Amazing NY-style pizza was to be had down Broadway from there a few doors past the Irish pub. The Guinness-sponsored double-decker bus pub-crawl my friend Tony and I went to in Denver. So this is not necessarily a new experience, but one that has not been had in a while or (in hindsight) often enough.

Maybe one of these days I’ll have a girlfriend to share these things with, but in the meantime I am not letting that keep me from doing anything. I have friends up here close-by that like to do stuff so if I want to not go solo I can arrange it with one of them. Just maybe they know cool places I do not know of and vice-versa!

Today, August 23rd, 2017

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Well, I went out and got a few lottery tickets today. What the hell. I have not played for quite a while so I splurged and spent $20. Don’t think I got anything out of it though. Oh well. They don’t sell the lottery tickets with a warranty.

I also picked up a few groceries and also an area rug for my living room. The landlady stopped by the other day to repair a kitchen drawer and I mentioned I’m trying to get the cigarette smell out of the apartment. We talked about painting over the smell and I mentioned the “old” color of the walls so I might hopefully be getting a paint job in the ol’ apartment. A more neutral color that we talked about is actually in the area rug I bought today so it should look pretty nice if they do paint it. It’s not horrible now, but the color is a yellowish-cream color and it looks tired and dated.

I really have not watched a lot of movies/TV the last few years. Binge-watching is not usually my thing but I needed to get these movies back – I wasn’t expecting them all to show up at once!

I think I’m gonna have to break down and get some internet service. Don’t really want another bill but I like the convenience and privacy of my own modem. Using the public wi-fi/hotspots is fine sometimes, but I want secure connections when I am at home.

I hope to take a trailer trip pretty soon. In the next few weeks I would like to get out for my weekends. The season is slowing down, and I am pretty much done moving, so it will be easier to get away.