Europe – Day 13 – February 6th, 2018: The Long Trip Home…

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Today it’s back in the air and back to the States. What an adventure it has been and I could stay for months and see and do more. We have seen and done so many things; it’s been just amazing. And, of course, our last day was was looking to be nothing but sunshine and we have to leave. Cold (frost on the cars), but sunshine.

We haven’t seen the sun much over the last two weeks. Doesn’t bother me too much since it’s quite a bit like Seattle in terms of weather and I’m used to it. Don’t get me wrong…it IS nice to see the sun!

It’s the same flying routine as on the way here – a very long journey; we have two planes and 11 hours of flying (first leg back to Reykjavik is 3 ½ hours, the second leg to Seattle is 7 ½ hours) to get through,  then Jim even has another 3-4 to get home on Wednesday. Plus the time spent in airports.

Even though the time change was 8-9 hours ahead we seem to have adjusted well on the way over. Perhaps it was the excitement of doing this trip that kept us from jet lagging too badly. When we get back to Seattle it may be another story though. We will catch up to ourselves somewhat on the flight back but I am not sure how we will feel.

I guess we will know in short order…


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