March 28th, 2018

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Well, my Montana trip is drawing to a close along with my time off. Tomorrow night it is off to a hotel in a different city to attend an event Friday morning, then I start the day-long trek home. I was hoping to drive it straight through but I don’t know if I will or not since I will be getting a late start. I am not much on driving in the dark these days (especially with the animals on the roadways at night), and as I mentioned in my last post I’d rather stop for the night on longer trips. I definitely hope to at least get into Washington on the way back so the rest of the trip will go quicker.

The weather has held out for us so far, and it looks like the trip home should be fine (the sound of knocking on wood…) from what I can see. The drive across eastern WA is somewhat tedious and similar to western KS except fewer towns.

It has been busy the last few weeks between moving my stuff then helping Loran and Meghan move some of their things here to the new house. I have gotten some pretty good exercise over the last couple of months between that and the Europe adventure where we walked our asses off! It will help to get me back into the busy work season a little easier. I just need to keep it up.

This may end up being another long season. I am not sure if it will be yet but I hope to find that out in the next few weeks after I start the new job. They may not know yet but we’ll see. I think there is a good chance it could go longer. That would cut into my time off but that is fine. I will still be off a few months if it does go long, or I will be off longer if it doesn’t. It’s a win for me either way.

It has been a great start to 2018, though…I got to work and make some money unexpectedly, there was the trip to Europe in January and February, I moved to a new place for a new job over the last few weekends, and I am writing this while in Montana! I’d say for being only three months in it’s been a pretty good start to what will be a great year with a new beginning.

And Meghan found a missing earring of mine from my last visit here so now I am back to ten!


March 22nd, 2018

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I made it to Loran and Meghan’s in Montana yesterday after spending the night in Coeur d’Alene, ID. Ahh…finally a day spent without moving my things or driving for several hours. A slack day.

We did do some running to get groceries, see the new house they just bought, and take care of a few other things close to their current house. Important things like getting a taco burger from Taco John’s.

I got a late start heading out of town on Tuesday so I drove halfway and called it good at about 8:30 PM. I had to wrap up a few things before I could leave Washington and it ended up taking quite a bit longer than I thought it would. It was good to stop and it felt great to get some much-needed rest, though.

I have been trying to slow down on the marathon drives the last few years. With my semi-retired work schedule I can do that and I am glad I have the ability to do that. I would rather drive until late afternoon/early evening and have time to relax and eat at a decent time. It is hard for me to not do that since I just want to get someplace and have the drive behind me.

But for now I am in Montana for a yet-undetermined length of stay. The weather is starting to look a bit sketchy so I have to watch that pretty closely with a start date for my new job coming up soon. There are a couple of mountain passes on I-90 I need to pay particularly close attention to. We’ll be able to move a few boxes over to their new house the next few days before that wetter weather moves in.

I still have some stuff to arrange and put away in my cabin in order to make room for the bed I am bringing back from here. There may be a few other things coming back with me as well but I have to think about the room I have available in the cabin. It is a smaller space and I want to not make it feel or be cluttered.

In the meantime I am going to enjoy what is basically my last two weeks off before work starts over for me again.


March 18th, 2018

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Finally the move is over. I am exhausted and quite a few dollars poorer with the travel costs of making so many trips. It is nice to be done and I have almost everything put away. The storage unit is almost as full as it can be for the time being. I will go back over to it soon and try to straighten it out a little more and see what I can get rid of. I already got rid of a few things today.

Friday actually did end up being my last day staying in the apartment and it was for the best. I left here this morning around 5:45 to go back to the storage unit and then over to the apartment. My neighbor and her boyfriend helped me finish loading the trailer this morning and she helped me clean some stuff after he left. She bought my dining room table so I knocked a few more bucks off of it for her help. Their assistance really made a difference and I was even able to get the trailer back a little early.

It’s nice to finally be kicking back. It has been a l-o-n-g weekend. I am glad I went over this morning and didn’t go back over to stay the night last night. I was up early yesterday too and I slept pretty soundly last night. All in all the move went just as I planned and everything fell into place just fine. I still need to get my TV out of the truck but it is gonna have to wait until tomorrow. I cannot move another inch.

I met a few of my neighbors today and they knew all about me already. On one side I have a neighbors that own a restaurant, and two doors the other way is another restaurant owner! Guess I know which two local places I’m eating at first!

I have gotten quite a bit of exercise the last few weekends with the move and that is always a good thing. I really haven’t eaten much the last three days either. Tomorrow is a going to be a slower but still busy day. Gotta go pick up my new glasses and set up a new P.O. Box. I need to put the last few things away (and the TV don’t need to go with me on my road trip). I am taking off to MT sometime this week but I need to get some things done here first. A day recuperating is well-deserved in my opinion.

On the way out of town I need to close out my P.O. Box from the apartment, and I should arrive at my fave-o-rite taco place. What a horrible coincidence! I just might stop for a huckleberry shake at St. Regis this time too. I haven’t gotten one for quite some time. Maybe I can find some new foodie joints on my way.

March 16th, 2018

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Last night was probably my last night in the apartment. I am not 100% sure but I am about 99% positive that’s what I am thinking. I have been pondering the thought of going over to get the Scotty and bring it back here to the cabin, then picking up the U-Haul late and going back to the apartment to stay tomorrow night. I think I’ll just stay here at the cabin and get up early Sunday to go get both the storage unit and apartment cleaned out. I will be done.

I have had the luxury of being able to move around and live in different places and different situations since September of 2012 – just after Labor Day (look back at Day One in the blog!). The cabin is the twelfth place I have lived the last five and a half years, and in nine of those places since 2014. I cannot keep trackof it and had to write it down in case I need it.

It was interesting to live in a city “downtown” area where my apartment was. I have never done it and I liked it (and being able to walk around the great European cities we visited had that same feeling). I enjoyed that small-town-downtown vibe and the convenience was real…convenient. It was friendly but had it’s share of problems like most everywhere nowadays. It felt old and dingy since, well, it WAS old and dingy. But it wasn’t horrible and if I thought it was I would not have taken it to begin with . I am in a neighborhood now and it seems fairly quiet. It is so nice that I can keep the Scotty here with me. I need to do some work on it and have it ready to go when I want to take off on an adventure after work, which I plan on doing more often this summer.

I did not get around to re-sealing the windows last year so that will be a good weekend project at some point when I can have some help – it’ll take one on the inside of the trailer and one on the outside putting the screws back in after cleaning and a new bead of caulking. I have a new stove vent for the outside and another new LED porch light to install. There is a crack in the shower and there’s the inner fender from the blowout in Utah last year I patched (but will get it into a shop for that too). I did get those LED lights installed and the water filler for the on-board tank replaced. I re-did the sealant under the clearance lights for those leaks I had. I added the electric water tank element and it’s now a choice between gas or electric. So I HAVE gotten some things done to it, but the shower is now the bigger priority. I will take it to a shop to have that done. I’m not real interested in taking the bathroom or the fender apart. There just happens to be the shop around the corner so that will be my first stop for an estimate.

It’s all really exciting, this next adventure.

March 10th, 2018

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Didn’t sleep very well last night. You know that trouble you have getting a good night’s sleep when you are in a hotel or a new place. On top of that I heard a damn dog barking – even without my hearing aids in. One of the joys of being in a populated area. I did hear frogs croaking while I was driving here last night though. That was a trip in the Wayback Machine. I have not heard that noise much the last several years.

I got up early and had a package of mini-donuts and coffee for breakfast. I am really trying hard to avoid sweets and it’s going good so far. I have to say that those donuts I used to be able to eat but they are just too damn sweet now. I guess laying off is cutting into that sugar addiction that is so prevalent in this country. I am trying to get my sweets from fruits and I can tell a difference. It just doesn’t appeal to me like it used to. Many of the sweets I used to gorge on suddenly are not as good as I remember.

I did give in today to temptation, but not for the cookies. I came out of the store this afternoon and there was this cute little girl standing there all alone with her Girl Scout Cookies. She looked so sad so I went to the truck and put my groceries away. I went back in to her little table and asked her “how much?”. She looked up at me with these sad little doe-eyes and said “Five” rather quietly. I asked her how her day was and all she said was “slow”. I was only going to get one box since I am cutting that kind of stuff out of my diet. I decided to get two and I wish I would have bought what she had on the table. She cheered up a little and counted out my change after I got two boxes.

I got some groceries to make a few things to eat here at my new home and save some money while I am here this weekend. I got a Boboli-style flatbread crust. It cooked a little faster than I thought it would so it was a little bit over cooked. But for lunch I tried a package of a Kroger chicken verde on some white corn tortillas and it was actually very good. I usually don’t buy much, if any, of the convenience foods but I don’t have all my kitchen stuff here yet. I gotta have a recipe for that chicken verde. Luckily I have leftovers.

I finally got the truck unloaded this afternoon. I had issues getting into the storage unit. Actually it was getting into the gate to get into the storage unit that was the issue. I finally got it done and I think it will actually hold everything I have that needs to go in there. I got one storage bin emptied and another has motorcycle clothes I need to get rid of since I am no longer able to ride. This one is a third of the size of the one I have by the apartment. I had to have a large storage unit for the canoe to fit so this will save me serious money.

Tomorrow it’s off to Costco to order some new glasses. They should be ready to wear right after I move completely over so the timing is good. Hopefully I can get them back before I go out of state. After Costco it’s back to the apartment for one last week at this position then two weeks off. I want to hurry and get the move over with so it is off the list and I have few days to get it all put away and relax.

This weekend has been kind of like a vacation of sorts. Got my work done fast that needed done and the rest of the day was for me. I moved the living room area around to fit the futon (a bit bigger than it needs to be). I got some blankets washed that had been stored. I wanted to get the “stored” smell and dust off of them after sneezing this morning. The futon is fairly comfy to sleep on, and I really enjoyed it as I celebrated the 20th Anniversary of “The Big Lebowski” by watching it from the comfort of a couch – something I haven’t had of my own in a while. It was so nice to lay out on a couch for a change and watch a movie (even though it was on the iPad).

It’s been a productive weekend and it was good to get it done fast.