About comments…

Feel free to leave comments, but if you say something nasty and personal trying to flame me it ain’t gonna be pretty. It IS, after all, MY blog.

Thanks and keep checking back if you’d like.


8 thoughts on “About comments…

    1. I am working on getting more photos up, but they may go to Flickr – not sure how I want to handle that yet. The blog has limited storage space (granted it will take some time to get that much filled).

      As far as the cowbell, I’ll give Walken a call and see what we can do!


  1. Hi Shawn–Got your letter and were thrilled to hear from you! Congratulations on your fun summer coming up! We sure wish we could come up and see all of the beautiful refuges around Sequim this very summer, but it may have wait. When we do, though, we’ll look you up!


    1. I see you found my blog!

      Glad the letter got there! You guys have a lot of beautiful places in your state to visit too. I hope you do get back up this way and please look me up when you do!

      All the best to you, Sampson Family!


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