Well, I Did It!

Yep, I did. I broke down and got an iPhone X a few days ago. I have been debating it with myself for a while now but every place I checked they were out of stock. Well, wouldn't ya know it...I stopped by the Verizon dealer here in MT, asked if they had them, and … Continue reading Well, I Did It!


…And in This Corner, Weighing In At 8 Pounds and a Length of 19″…

Yesterday, while on the phone tossing ideas around on the European trip with my trip cohort, I got "the text" to head to Montana and do it sooner rather than later. There was a baby on the way. Now mind you, this was about 2:00 PM and it is roughly an 11-hour drive. I hurried and … Continue reading …And in This Corner, Weighing In At 8 Pounds and a Length of 19″…

November 26th, 2017

It's a bit strange waking up today knowing I won't be at work the next several months except for the sporadic day or two that I MIGHT be called in through December (and next Saturday if there's no new baby yet). I finally got to sleep in this morning - I guess I needed to … Continue reading November 26th, 2017

Fall Colors

If you have not been out to check out the Fall colors yet, they are spectacular this year here in Washington. I took these pictures on a recent adventure on the way back from my all-time favorite taco joint. They are not altered in any way - it is how they looked when I took … Continue reading Fall Colors

September 24th, 2017 – Back Home After a Great Week Away!

I just got home and got my clothes and other things put away. It was a long drive, and fairly uneventful since it is interstate almost the entire way. But, of course I had to make a side trip. At Anaconda I stopped at the rest area and decided to drive MT 1, the "Pintler … Continue reading September 24th, 2017 – Back Home After a Great Week Away!

Cranbrook to Bozeman

Yesterday I decided that when I woke up the next morning I was going to go on to Bozeman after getting to and staying the night in Cranbrook, B.C. It was going to be a somewhat long day driving but that's okay. I saw the places I wanted to see in Canada and was ready … Continue reading Cranbrook to Bozeman

Revelstoke to Cranbrook

An awesome night's sleep in one of the most comfy beds I have ever slept in. The room was one I hated to leave but there's no way I could ever afford to stay in a place like this for an extended period of time. I finally got to see my surroundings this morning since … Continue reading Revelstoke to Cranbrook