March 18th, 2018

Finally the move is over. I am exhausted and quite a few dollars poorer with the travel costs of making so many trips. It is nice to be done and I have almost everything put away. The storage unit is almost as full as it can be for the time being. I will go back … Continue reading March 18th, 2018


March 16th, 2018

Last night was probably my last night in the apartment. I am not 100% sure but I am about 99% positive that's what I am thinking. I have been pondering the thought of going over to get the Scotty and bring it back here to the cabin, then picking up the U-Haul late and going … Continue reading March 16th, 2018

March 9th, 2018

Change of plans. I loaded up the truck right after work and made a run for it. The weekend is supposed to be nice all over and it will be busy on the roadways. It was actually pretty busy tonight on the way here to the cabin. I wanted to avoid it tomorrow morning and … Continue reading March 9th, 2018

March 8th, 2018

Saturday morning I am loading up the truck and the canoe and taking it to the new place. This week I have been packing boxes and figuring out the first things getting moved. Today the last few to-dos were to-doed and things really fell into place after that. This morning I got in touch with … Continue reading March 8th, 2018

March 4th, 2018

Pretty exciting stuff happening! This weekend I started moving stuff into my newest humble abode. I have maybe one more load of stuff I can get by without left in the apartment that I can load up to take there and not be too inconvenienced. Nothing valuable yet, but I will (hopefully!) be finishing up … Continue reading March 4th, 2018

February 24th, 2017

Last night I made a pilgrimage to the area I am moving to. I wanted to get here so I could get up and hit it early to search for a new place to live. I wanted to get something as soon as possible so I got a room for both days in case it … Continue reading February 24th, 2017

Europe – Day 2 – January 26th, 2018: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

As you can see, Amsterdam is quite a forward-thinking progressive place. It's a young, vibrant, accepting and awesome place. It's got a laid-back energy and relaxing vibe that is quite pleasant. After a good night of sleep it's off to explore some more. Between our schedule and the time changes it caught up with us … Continue reading Europe – Day 2 – January 26th, 2018: Amsterdam, The Netherlands