December 6th, 2017

I'm still hanging out in Montana. It's sure nice to see the sun, but damn it's cold. I heard that it was 6 degrees this morning. And that would be Farenheit and NOT Celsius. It snowed here a few days ago and the roads got a little slick with the melt re-freezing every evening and … Continue reading December 6th, 2017


Wait a Minute…Not So Fast…

Well, my long winter just got shortened today. I got extended at work for another month or so to cover for other people who are out and help out with some of the pre-holiday stuff that's coming up. I had some ideas to go a few places soon, and was actually getting ready to buy … Continue reading Wait a Minute…Not So Fast…

It Was a Year Ago Yesterday

It was a year and a few days ago I had flown back to KS to see my mom and drive the Avalanche back home to WA. When I left on the 29th, I knew deep down it was the last time I would see her. It was a very tough drive home, and it … Continue reading It Was a Year Ago Yesterday

Do You Know What That Means?!?!?!

What that means week I am on the road! I got the news today that I am officially through working for the season at the end of this week. Unless I take some other job during the winter, I will not be back to work until early April next year. I have some preliminary … Continue reading Do You Know What That Means?!?!?!

October 22nd, 2017

Tomorrow is the start of my last week of work for the season, and I'll be off a few of those days so it will not even be a full week. There are a few last-minute end-of-season things to wrap up and we will be done. During the winter there is mainly the maintenance on … Continue reading October 22nd, 2017

October 19th, 2017

Just a few work days left for the year. I'll be off much earlier this year so this will be strange. I may have a day or two here or there volunteering over the winter, but the end of the month is pretty much it for me this year. With this rain we are getting … Continue reading October 19th, 2017

October 11th, 2017

It was back to work yesterday. My back finally has loosened up quite a bit and it is sure nice to be up and around and nearly back to normal. Not getting the full surgery was a relief and helped with a speedier recovery. Myself and a couple of guys from work went to a … Continue reading October 11th, 2017