February 25, 2017…Just One More Day to Go

I got out of Casper, MT this morning about 9:00 Mountain Time. I am sure glad I stopped last night. The road, I-25, was terrible in many places and the wind was brutal. They had the warning signs lit up stating “Blowover Risk. 50+ mph winds and blowing snow.”.  It was pretty dangerous between Casper and Cheyenne. Once into Colorado it was mainly just a west wind and that meant a tailwind into Kansas.

On the way today I stopped at a rest area in eastern Colorado and met a family who had Washington license plates. I asked where they were from and the guy said “Port Angeles”. I lived there for a very short time…what are the odds of that happening? They were heading to Georgia. That’s a long drive. The plus today is that tomorrow will be a short day of driving. I can leave a little late and still arrive at a decent time so I can start my visit early.

I got partway across Kansas and got a room for the night. It has been a long day and the first part was strenuous. I have really been enjoying leaving later and/or stopping earlier, so I am not going to be doing driveathons any longer except on occasion. I am really trying to avoid them more and more.

Wind is usually an issue this time of year and that concerns me somewhat since I will be pulling the trailer back home. I will possibly need to go back a bit more southerly to avoid the wind. I will be looking at the weather again around Tuesday to get an idea of how I need to get the truck, trailer, and most importantly me, home safe.