Funny Things I Heard Today – part 1

Today starts a new series of Pages called “Funny Things I Heard Today”. I am starting this today because, well, of something funny I heard today. Of course, posting in Pages are irregular so you will just have to check back or sign up to follow so you get notifications if you want to know when there are new postings on my blog.

I was chatting with a couple and somehow the subject of lost items came up. She said, and I quote, that “A uterus is NOT a radar device. Just because I have on does not mean I know where everything is.”.

I found this rather hilarious, and her husband did as well. All I could think about was the “Million Dollar Man” sound that was made when he would try to see something with his bionic eye. I could just imagine that noise as the uterus scans the horizon… looking for misplaced items, or perhaps socks lost in a clothes dryer.


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