Goofy Things 4

I was at the rec center the other night. There was a guy there over in the pool (I was in the whirlpool some distance away) who looked a bit odd. Someone had once told me about something happening at a party that was funny as hell, but cold-blooded to pull on a friend and it looked like the same thing had happened to this guy. It looked like this guy had been at a frat party, passed out, and someone had pulled the old “shave off one eyebrow” trick on him. But, instead of shaving off the other one to match until they would both grow back, he had decided to let it go as it was.

He came over and got into the whirlpool, and upon a closer look I see that he had both eyebrows, but one was the dark color of his hair and the other was either already completely gray, or he had had it bleached.

It did not matter, however. Neither way really enhanced the look of his lazy eye.


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