Instant Pot First Try!

Well, I gave the new cooktoy a test run earlier tonight and I must say that I am impressed.

I have some Costco canned chicken I was using for dumplings and decided to try cooking it in the pressure cooker in this new McCormick liquid taco seasoning in a pouch I found at the store. You really need to cook the hell out of canned chicken to get it somewhere near normal chicken, and even then it’s a stretch. It’s just got that flavorless weird texture thing.

So I thought I’d experiment with it. I put two cans of the chicken in my Instant Pot, added the pouch of seasoning, and locked ‘er down. “Meat/Stews” setting? Oh sure…why not. It actually sounds like it oughta work and makes sense. Timer on 35 minutes and I pressed the launch button. Some chicken street tacos!

It was actually that easy. And, it was delicious. That chicken no longer had “that canned chicken feel” – you know what I mean. I served it up pretty basic – two warmed white corn street taco tortillas, a spoonful of chicken and sauce, and I finished it off with a few broken pieces of Gouda and bacon cheese. No salsa, no greens. Just chicken, spice, Gouda with bacon. I ate four, and I am getting hungry for one while typing this up.

That’s not to say it tasted fresh off the farm – it didn’t. It wasn’t perfect, but it was much better than even using it in dumplings and that tends to eventually take the can outta the chicken. I will definitely use that canned chicken again in recipes in the IP.  It’s fun to experiment with cooking and I am looking forward to using it quite a bit.