August 3rd, 2017

Today I started moving stuff into my apartment. I got cut short on time a little bit because of the heat. I also had to take my truck in to get some brake work done on it. Grinding seems to have developed in the last few days and that's never a good $ign. I also … Continue reading August 3rd, 2017


June 24th, 2017

Im getting ready to get back on a plane to head back home. It was a great trip though it was only for about 32 hours. Chelsea and Rowan held out long enough for me to be in town so that was cool. I'm glad I was able to make the trip. Luckily my flight … Continue reading June 24th, 2017

9lbs. 15 oz.

Well, the newest addition to the family has finally arrived! Rowan is her name. And yes, you read that weight right in the title. Just one ounce shy of 10 pounds. After sleeping two hours or so last night during my travels and struggling to stay awake all day that was a much-needed jolt to … Continue reading 9lbs. 15 oz.

Post #250!

I write this post, my 250th, sitting in John Wayne Marina watching Sequim Bay bask in the last few minutes of calm and sunset on a beautiful but windy day. A few Canada geese are back and on the water, passing through on their migration. A couple of seals are out in the water in … Continue reading Post #250!

September 27th, 2012

I started doing some work around the Refuge today helping out with various projects and moving some of my belongings to the cabin. It feels a little odd to be moving into someplace after spending so much time preparing to move out of the house in CO. It is also odd to see how little … Continue reading September 27th, 2012

Day One – September 10, 2012

Sorry it has taken so long to start this blog. I have had no good WiFi connection on the road until now to get this set up plus some nights I had no amenities - I was in a steel tent "roughing it" as it were. I will post each day that I already have … Continue reading Day One – September 10, 2012