March 4th, 2018

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Pretty exciting stuff happening!

This weekend I started moving stuff into my newest humble abode. I have maybe one more load of stuff I can get by without left in the apartment that I can load up to take there and not be too inconvenienced. Nothing valuable yet, but I will (hopefully!) be finishing up with moving in two weeks or so anyway and I can work around that. I am not working the last two weeks of the month anyway (found that out last week) so it is actually going to help with timing finishing up the move. After that, it’s yet another road trip (weather permitting)!

I hope to get the trailer taken there next weekend if possible. If I take it next week it works out where I won’t need to pay for the storage slot this month, saving me some cash. Then, once I find a new storage unit near the new place, I will rent a trailer for one big trip to haul what I have in the storage unit. I hope to get that emptied fast so I can avoid another month with that too. It’s kind of expensive and it would be nice to not pay an extra month on that too. I gotta figure that damn canoe someplace in the mix as well since it has to go on top of the truck and on the rack in the receiver hitch.

But that damn canoe is going to be great to have since I am closer to water now. Add some crab pots to that (in storage!) and I just might be able to enjoy some fresh Dungeness crab after I get my card and license! I should learn about the clams and other shellfish as well, but that can be touchy with the chance of getting sick from PSP. It’s probably best for me if I just buy them if I want to eat them since that is some pretty nasty stuff. Some grilled oysters are pretty delicious!

I got the new (to me) futon unloaded and almost put together yesterday (didn’t have a hex key set with me to tighten it all down). It is a queen size and is not bad to sit on – I have sat on several and this one has the thickest mattress I have ever seen on a futon. It will be handy as a couch (which is the main reason why I got it) but I think it will be comfy for guests to sleep on once I get it all tightened (I’m acquiring a queen mattress for the loft where I’ll sleep). Getting that thing put together was like wrestling an octopus though. There are some large wooden parts that we didn’t take completely apart and that unwieldy mattress was, well, unwieldy. I was moving it by myself but managed to get it all taken care of.

After unloading the truck the day was mine. I got to hang with some friends last night and it was pizza and beers for supper. It was good to catch up on things since it had been a little while since I had seen them. I went back to the cabin this afternoon and took advantage of my new laundry facilities and washed some clothes, Man, that is going to be really nice not going to the laundromat anymore…saving money and time. The big thing for me is simply the convenience.

Waiting for clothes to wash and dry gave me an opportunity to really be in the place and look at some options for arranging things. It has a nice kitchen and there is really quite a bit of storage. The futon is a little big for the wall I was going to put it on and it covers up the electric heater so that won’t work. It has a lot of flexibility due to a wheeled island with storage below and a 2-3 person countertop to eat at.  It is actually pretty slick. I think I can swap it with the couch and it will be enough room.

Another bonus with this wheeled island is it has enough space on top that I think I can set up my recording equipment again! I have had some new ideas for new music again after a long dry spell. I had written some lyrics but not enough music that I can use it – only some very basic ideas. Once I get things set up I think it will probably inspire me to do it.

It will be nice to do some recording again. I’ll probably have to go buy another guitar but this one will be used after my disappointment in the Fender Strat that I bought brand new. I’ll need to get some interface to record through into the computer, so I guess I’ll have to spring for a mixer and a mic. I guess I’ll be practicing on my acoustic for now, but I am a bit rusty anyway.

I discovered when I got there that cable TV is also included! How about that for a surprise! Score! Good thing I didn’t sell my big-screen yet. Guess I need to get a sound bar now that I am not in an apartment building.

This will be a good move for many reasons.

Fall Colors

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If you have not been out to check out the Fall colors yet, they are spectacular this year here in Washington.

I took these pictures on a recent adventure on the way back from my all-time favorite taco joint. They are not altered in any way – it is how they looked when I took them with my iPhone 6.


Fall Colors – 2017


Fall Colors – 2017


Fall Colors – 2017


Fall Colors – 2017


Get out and about! I know it is supposed to rain all over Washington this weekend, but it would be worth the trip. Be sure to take your camera!

An Interesting Evening

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I went down to the Chinese restaurant for a late supper. It was a bit surreal experience tonight.

It was like one of those black & white movies from to 40s or 50s – dark sidewalk in a small town, with a little diner with flashing lights in the window that is open into the wee hours (well, 10 PM at least!). And I’m sitting in this movie – loving every little thing abou it. You know the type of movie I’m talking about. “Film noir” would be the genre.

I have not had the opportunity to do this much since I have never really lived in a city so I’m going to do often. I remember doing this a few times in Denver when I still lived in CO. The dive bars on Broadway – The Hornet was the first one I went to and a sentimental fave along with being a cool place. Others I cannot recall but are in that same neighborhood. Amazing NY-style pizza was to be had down Broadway from there a few doors past the Irish pub. The Guinness-sponsored double-decker bus pub-crawl my friend Tony and I went to in Denver. So this is not necessarily a new experience, but one that has not been had in a while or (in hindsight) often enough.

Maybe one of these days I’ll have a girlfriend to share these things with, but in the meantime I am not letting that keep me from doing anything. I have friends up here close-by that like to do stuff so if I want to not go solo I can arrange it with one of them. Just maybe they know cool places I do not know of and vice-versa!

Another Bucket List Addition

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A few years back I wanted to go do something truly unique. I did not get to do it then, but the time is getting closer. Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for…

Burning Man.

Now, over the years I have had the opportunity to witness and do some pretty incredible things in life so it takes a little something to really get on my bucket list. I have talked about a few things but there’s more that I won’t bore anyone with here. The point is it needs to be something unique, something special, that once-in-a-lifetime experience. Just like one of my earlier postings where I got to fly in a B-17.

I just happened to see something about Burning Man a few times in the last few days, and the last time was just a few minutes ago in a kilt advertisement. It kinda made me think back about trying to go the first time.

A few years before I moved out of Colorado, my daughter Chelsea and I talked about going and had decided we wanted to do it but it was not meant to be. The Establishment kept us down. My work dicked me over and screwed around until it was too late for us to get tickets. Bastards. I never forgot that and we were pretty disappointed that we didn’t get to go. And I was quite ready to spend the money and we were going.

It would be cool if all of my daughters and their guys could go! That would be such a trip to see and there’s the look on each other’s faces… It’d be shockingly awesome. I am sure that it would be quite an eye-opening and enlightening experience for all of us. I have a feeling some of them would rather go to Hawaii or Vegas instead of the desert in August. I can see that logic…

What a hell of an adventure though! Oh, the memories that could be made! Oh, the tribalness of it (Is that even a word?!?! You know what I mean though!)!

I am going to have to figure out a way to get there in the next couple of years. I have to remember to get in on time to be able to get tickets one year and get there. I need to set a reminder for next year when they go on sale. That gives me time to figure out how to prepare oneself for something like that as best as one can, I don’t know if my trailer should be tossed into those conditions. That kind of sand and wind could really wreak havoc on it. Buying an old RV might be the best – just use it and then sell it.

Anyway, that’s the newest addition to the ever-growing bucket list!


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I got to snap a few nice shots lately and I thought I would share them. These were taken on my iPhone 6.

A Misty Morning

This Was a Beautiful Sight – the Right Time at the Right Place

Haze on a Stream

Looks Inviting, but it is Spring Melt!

Ahhh...the Mountains!

Such a beautiful place

These phones nowadays have amazing cameras in them. For no bigger than what they are they really put many regular cameras to shame. The video that they can take is even better, and that is just the stock app. Add to that all the other editing apps you can get – and many for free – and you can do some amazing things with your photos.

The top one is my favorite of the three. That is the actual picture and not re-touched.