May 4th, 2018

Today's adventure is a trip to Victoria, BC on the MV Coho out of Port Angeles, WA. I am excited to finally go over and check out Victoria. I plan on finding some poutine and giving this classic Canadian dish a taste. Cheese curds and gravy over fries - how can you go wrong? And … Continue reading May 4th, 2018


Revelstoke to Cranbrook

An awesome night's sleep in one of the most comfy beds I have ever slept in. The room was one I hated to leave but there's no way I could ever afford to stay in a place like this for an extended period of time. I finally got to see my surroundings this morning since … Continue reading Revelstoke to Cranbrook

Subject to Change Without Notice…

As you all know by now after reading my blog, I don't plan trips. This one is certainly no different. I actually woke up Sunday feeling a bit worse than I did the night before. I felt much better Saturday night than I had in a few days so I did not take any meds … Continue reading Subject to Change Without Notice…

This Week’s Adventure – Motorcycle Ride on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

This past week I decided that I would finally get to Vancouver Island on my bike. Actually, it was just a few days prior to going that I decided I was going. On Tuesday it looked like rain where I was thinking of going - the coastal town of Tofino - so I was not … Continue reading This Week’s Adventure – Motorcycle Ride on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Day Seven – September 16, 2012

Got up early today, but slow getting around. Got away from the camper a bit later than I wanted to - I wanted to beat the crowds and thought it was my own damn fault. Got to Lake Louise (the actual lake and not the town) and was pleasantly surprised there was hardly anyone there … Continue reading Day Seven – September 16, 2012