Gas Prices

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Not sure when it happened, but gas here in this area went up over $4 a gallon. I bought gas nine days ago at Costco and it was $3.50 a gallon. I drove past the Safeway yesterday and it was $4.09, and today I see on that it is now $4.00 at Costco. At the Shell it is $4.16.

This is the price it was when I got here last September. The prices did not seem too bad since I had just came out of Canada and had to get a mortgage to fill my car up every time there. Funny how I read an article not long ago saying that the prices would not be as high as last year. I guess the last laugh is on us.

Glad I got a motorcycle. That 45 MPG is going to come in mighty handy. I am going to have to start riding in the rain and dealing with it. I do not do that much driving so it does not hit me too much at the moment.