February 21st, 2019

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I’m just not seeing this…or am I?

Been busy getting out and about lately. I went out with one group of friends and tried a new (to me) Italian restaurant and the pasta primavera was fantastic. To start it was delicious crusty bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I went out to a bar and got pizza with some other people and had a great time that night, too. Checked out some live music and much fun was had.

I got my taxes done yesterday. I had paperwork burn-out from taking care of all of the estate things from my Dad. I really wasn’t in the mood to do it, but I bit the bullet and took care of it so that’s off my plate. It has to be done and there is no getting out of it. Next I have to work on his taxes and that should be all of his paperwork completed. It’s not been too daunting taking care of all of the paperwork; but the emotional aspect is tough.

It’s been good getting back to my version of normal. I have outside more, getting exercise in and am keeping it up eating better. Today was a little cool but sunny and that was good to be out in. Not a cloud in the sky to be seen.

Had to reload my WaterMinder app as I had slacked off on drinking water every day like I should be doing. It nags you to drink until you get to the level you should be drinking. It is a very useful app and has made a difference in getting my levels up and a little more energy and less hungry so I’m losing a pound or two. Another plus.

Still anxious to get the trailer out, and today’s weather really made me want to go somewhere even more. Got a few things in the works – I just got a ticket for one, another is almost taken care of (this weekend it will be) and one other adventure I’ve just started looking at and working on. Like always, when I do these things they will be posted so you’ll have to come back and see what it is if you’re interested. You know you are!

September 3rd, 2018

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If you want to contact me please feel free to send a message or a comment. I have to approve them so I see them anyway.

I wanted to pass along because I gave out my website address to some relatives at the funeral. I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that they can contact me through here.

I had the day off today. I really wish I would’ve realized that before I went to work though. I am quite used to working holidays after all these years and didn’t bother to read the email as carefully as I should’ve so it’s my own fault. That’s OK. I woke up at 4 AM anyway, long before my alarm. That’s very frustrating.

So after I got back home, I took the recycling and dropped it off. Then I washed the trailer and the truck. I haven’t washed a vehicle by hand out in the yard in a long time and it was actually quite therapeutic. I usually just take them to the car wash.

It felt good to get out and do it though. I’ve been sitting on my ass way too much lately and I need to get busy again.

I wanted to get the salt air washed off of both and get them looking good for a trip. I’m not sure about where to go next weekend. The following weekend I have a long weekend and I’m going to enjoy it.

Looks like I’ll be off a few months this winter and come back early. I’ll have time to make a trip to Europe and some other places too. I have some appointments to keep but I’ll make time to do some things.

I cooked up a breakfast tater tot hot dish this morning and put some burritos together for meals. I’ll be eating some Instant Pot items from the freezer that I made ahead and froze. Looking forward to trying some new recipes after I make some room!

It Has Been Busy

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Last week I went back to Kansas to see my middle daughter, Chelsea, graduate from nursing school.

It was a good trip. As always I was dreading the weather there. I do not do well in hot weather. In fact, I hate it. I never have liked it, and living in the mountains in Colorado and here on the Olympic Peninsula has really spoiled me. Cool weather and beautiful surroundings – perfect. The weather was actually cool and much like where I am now – 50s and 60s, with some cloudy days.

I bought a new GPS at Cabela’s at a screaming deal. This was followed up, of course, by lunch at he best barbecue in the land – Rosedale’s.

I got to see family and friends – some who I had not seen in many, many years and it was really good to see everyone. Perhaps if they see this blog we can stay in touch.

The graduation was really nice. I am proud of you, Chelsea! You will be great at your new profession! If you were here you could try out your new skills… More on that later.

Friday night’s celebration was a lot of fun. No further details will be provided, but suffice to say it was a big time.

It was a good trip, but it is always good to get back home too. Once I see the water I know that I am back and ready to get on that ferry to come back across.

On Sunday, I ended up going out for a late but hearty breakfast with my friend Sue and then we took off and did a couple of hikes in Olympic National Park. We spent the whole day together. We had a great time and it was one of the best days I have ever had. You could say there has been a lot of smiling lately…

I got back out to my island on Monday. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. Sunny, very few clouds, mid 60 temperatures, and smooth water to be out on. Paradise. I got some grass mowed, and spent several hours out of the water.


When I got out here, there had been a landslide across the road coming from the marina on the island up to the top of my cabin is. There are some researchers out here who had cleared some of it out of the way before I got here but it was still blocking most of the road. I moved a little bit more, but some of the boulders were just too big to move. The landslide is these large boulders, but it’s not rock. It’s made up of glacial silt – sand dirt rock.

It’s a long story so I will cut through the fluff. We were clearing off the road. The biggest boulder had been pushed up onto another one and we were trying to break it apart to make it manageable with the tractor. Being soft, some of them would just break into really fine dust almost the consistency of talcum powder. I was trying to break the big one apart and it broke where I didn’t think it was going to break. It’s split into three smaller but still large pieces. One of them rolled down on me and pinned my leg on the ground. Not sure how heavy it was, but it was substantial. It took two people to pick it up just enough for me to get my leg out. Without the adrenaline rush, they couldn’t move it after I got up and got into the truck. I must note that the people I work with were awesome. They sprang into action quickly and calmly and took care of things. Mad props to them.

So off we went to the doctor. It didn’t seem like anything was broken – I can move my ankle, I could move my leg, I can move my toes, I can move my foot – so everything seemed to be okay.

After getting it painfully cleaned up and some x-rays, I was told I was extremely lucky that nothing was broken. When it hit me, it rolled once and scraped down the front of my shin right below my knee, stopping just above my ankle with the uphill part of the boulder. I have a pretty nasty scrape there and you could say that there is some swelling. A lot of swelling.

Today, my calf is swollen about half again it’s normal size. Got some pretty good aches and pains everywhere from getting bodyslammed to the ground. My shin hurts to even the lightest touch – I’d swear Kathy Bates had been babysitting me.

Looks like I won’t be doing any motorcycle riding for a few weeks now. We were really looking forward to getting out on two wheels. Oh well, the best weather is yet to come.

This looks to be possibly a busy weekend out here. This is a few of the eleven days of the sporadic halibut season, plus with the unofficial beginning of summer Monday there is going to be a lot of people out and about. Good luck to the halibut fishermen!

Well, off to prop my leg up for a few hours before I head to town for a grocery run. It is going to be a great weekend!

A Few More Wines

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I have posted before about getting into tasting different wines. With the ridiculous distilled spirit prices here in Washington state, I bet the beer and wine producers have much higher stock prices. I know the outrageous prices due to taxes and greedy suppliers has driven me towards wine and beer and away from vodka.

A few I have had lately are Two Vines Cab/Merlot blend, Two Vines Merlot, and Columbia Crest Merlot. All three are delicious red wines that I have found a reasonable prices. Of the three I cannot really pick a favorite since I like them all so well. They are also somewhat local for me so I am supporting businesses that are making great wines in my region. There are some really good local wines but pricing ($20 or more) keeps me out of that market unfortunately. I know of a few other local wineries I need to try to see how their pricing is.

I do not have the desire or the finances to spend $12 or more on a bottle of wine. I cannot justify spending that much. I have found the three I mentioned here on a great sale for $6-8 a bottle, and I can afford to do that for the quality of wine I am getting.

For me, and I have mentioned this before, I like wines that have taste that resembles the fruits that they are made from. I have found that the more expensive wines get away from that. I can appreciate the complexities of the flavors but they DO have to be GOOD flavors. I do not necessarily want a sweet, fruity wine that might as well be sold as a wine cooler, but I want something that tastes great, has some substance to it, and is affordable.

I am not an expert and never will be. I just want to experience great wines at a great price.

Justin Bieber… Again

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It seems like the right time, with all of the Prima Donna, “don’t-you-know-who-I-am” things going on in the news, to put two of the most searched words in my blog once again… Justin and Bieber.

I did this last year after I saw it as another method to get more hits on your blog.

I do not recall if it worked, but I am going to see if it makes any difference in visits to my blog for a bit after this posting.

As a side note – anyone searching for “Justin Bieber” also should get results for “intervention”.