April 8th, 2018

Where did the weekend go and where did all this energy come from? I was way busy this weekend, and much busier than I wanted to or anticipated I would be. I had the realization this afternoon. The day started off rather early...6:10 AM to be exact. Woke right up and couldn't get back to sleep … Continue reading April 8th, 2018


It Was a Year Ago Yesterday

It was a year and a few days ago I had flown back to KS to see my mom and drive the Avalanche back home to WA. When I left on the 29th, I knew deep down it was the last time I would see her. It was a very tough drive home, and it … Continue reading It Was a Year Ago Yesterday

Time to Travel a Bit!

Yes, I'm going to hit the road for two jaunts so far. Got an airline ticket to go see family in KS, and I'm taking a drive to MT to see Meghan! I need a break really badly. Got a lot of brain dust needing cleared out and some travel will help with some of … Continue reading Time to Travel a Bit!

February 27th, 2017

Well, it's been a busy few days. Let me catch you up... My last night in a hotel was two nights ago in Hays, KS. I pushed a little farther that day so I could have a short run yesterday and get in Leavenworth at a decent time, which ended up being shortly after noon. … Continue reading February 27th, 2017

It Has Been Busy

Last week I went back to Kansas to see my middle daughter, Chelsea, graduate from nursing school. It was a good trip. As always I was dreading the weather there. I do not do well in hot weather. In fact, I hate it. I never have liked it, and living in the mountains in Colorado … Continue reading It Has Been Busy