December 12th, 2017 – Back Home

On the way home it was too damn cold to really stop anywhere - average of temps most of the way was about 17 degrees and most of the places I considered stopping were at about 14 degrees. I'll be going that way again so the hell with walking around in the temperatures. We are … Continue reading December 12th, 2017 – Back Home


December 6th, 2017

I'm still hanging out in Montana. It's sure nice to see the sun, but damn it's cold. I heard that it was 6 degrees this morning. And that would be Farenheit and NOT Celsius. It snowed here a few days ago and the roads got a little slick with the melt re-freezing every evening and … Continue reading December 6th, 2017

November 26th, 2017

It's a bit strange waking up today knowing I won't be at work the next several months except for the sporadic day or two that I MIGHT be called in through December (and next Saturday if there's no new baby yet). I finally got to sleep in this morning - I guess I needed to … Continue reading November 26th, 2017

November 21st, 2017

  I didn't sleep worth a damn last night. Too fired up about the big adventure, I suppose. It is going to be such a great trip. We're as giddy as a couple of teenagers, and that's been LONG out of practice for the both of us. Of course I have been thinking of all … Continue reading November 21st, 2017

October 26th, 2017

I am now officially on vacation for the next 4-5 months! Woo-hoo! I'm very excited to be done for now. Yeah, I'll sure miss those paychecks but I have a lot of things I want to do (and a few things I need to do) during the down time. Since I don't have many expenses … Continue reading October 26th, 2017

Do You Know What That Means?!?!?!

What that means week I am on the road! I got the news today that I am officially through working for the season at the end of this week. Unless I take some other job during the winter, I will not be back to work until early April next year. I have some preliminary … Continue reading Do You Know What That Means?!?!?!

September 24th, 2017 – Back Home After a Great Week Away!

I just got home and got my clothes and other things put away. It was a long drive, and fairly uneventful since it is interstate almost the entire way. But, of course I had to make a side trip. At Anaconda I stopped at the rest area and decided to drive MT 1, the "Pintler … Continue reading September 24th, 2017 – Back Home After a Great Week Away!