July 21st, 2021

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It’s time.

I discovered today that my truck needs another repair so I am going to fix it and sell it. This time it is one of the front axles. The joint on the end of one side is going bad and has to be replaced.

I just cannot do this any longer. I am going to have to give up and get something else to drive that is dependable; I just cannot be left stranded someplace and I like to be in more solitude than campgrounds so that could be problematic. I don’t mind fixing things – that isn’t the issue – but if I am in the middle of nowhere and something breaks I am hosed. That being said, I guess it is better it is happening now instead of being on the trip I was planning to take. Grrr…🤬🤬. Oh well. Life marches on. I may get delayed a bit but not delayed forever.

I guess I will go ahead and finish getting stuff in the trailer tomorrow. I will be going somewhere eventually so I might as well do it since I have the time. I started on it a few days ago and did some more this morning in anticipation of finishing it up and taking an adventure. Instead I went to a few places to see if they can fix it and most places are booked out a few weeks or longer. I can still get by with it for now but it cannot go on without being fixed. It cannot get done until someone can fix it but at least I still have wheels unlike before.

Mechanical stuff does break and the truck does have a lot of miles. It’s all good. Frustrating, but good. The trailer has different systems than the truck and I have done my share of fixes there. But, the trailer doesn’t leave me stranded like the truck does.

I know the time and money and elbow grease I have put into the trailer will hopefully keep out going for quite a while. When I had that wheel bearing go out last year after they replaced it they checked the other side and greased it so it fan get down the road okay. I have definitely learned quite a lot about maintenance, upgrades and repairs on that trailer.

That’s it for tonight. Just needed to rant. Stay safe!

July 20th, 2021

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One more appointment down today so that means only one more left this week. I am going to be taking off and hitting the road soon since I can free my schedule and go away for a few weeks. I am making some time for me; I will be going someplace and doing something. I need it. I deserve it.

After getting the air in the tires checked I took the trailer to wash it at the car wash. It is amazing to me to see older cars around here with moss on the roof and I had a couple of spots where that was happening a little. The trailer was dirty from just sitting and I will need a cover for it by this Fall.

Then I thought I would go by the glass shop to check on re-doing the rear window and see if whether or not they could do it in the trailer and get an estimate for that. Unfortunately they were out on a service call so I didn’t get to talk to anyone. Oh well, as long as it is not leaking that is okay but it looks bad and needs fixed so I will follow up on that soon.

The trailer is ready to go mechanically. I still have the rest of the caulking I will finish up soon, but I will be taking care of a few spots left that are of some concern in the next day or two. Otherwise there is nothing real major left to seal so it should go quick.

Inside the trailer, I have the bedding washed and packed and I’m starting to get some groceries in there. I packed some canned goods mainly (in case of rodents since you can’t trust those little bastards to stay out). I also packed a few other things up in a cabinet out of reach of invaders.

I will finish going through cookware to see that I have all I need and make any necessary changes. Since I like to cook, and I am used to them, it would be nice to have good pans and pots in the trailer but it is just not financially feasible. However, taking my enameled pots & pans would be pretty nice and they are easy to clean. I do have a small enameled Dutch oven in there so I can use it for a big pot or a frying pan. I have two sizes of cast iron skillets along in case I want to cook on a wood fire so I don’t ruin my other cookware, plus I can bake in them. I will be putting one of my woks in the trailer and can use it outside on my camp stove/oven combo.

This afternoon I met up with a friend and he & I went on a two mile hike. Felt good to get out and I definitely got some cardio in. A mid-60° kind of day, clear sky…great for a hike. Still got a sweat up though.

Tonight I portioned out some snacking items to take when I am ready to go. I weigh all of my foods and package snacks in zip bags to keep portions under thumb. I really hate using plastic bags (pollution) but they are easy and I use them over for many things like my popcorn; I buy bigger bags on sale to portion so it saves money.

I should be good for the road with snacks but it will be tough since I graze when I drive. That is why I do portion control and it has helped me lose weight. I will even be taking my scale with me. Go ahead…laugh your ass off. I am staying alive – I got shit to do.

I still look at my dieting app to see where I am at with nutrition amounts each time I want to eat something, be it a meal or a snack. And I adjust what I want to eat to stay within my max amounts as best as I can. If it means using a tool like this to help me it is well worth the $60 a year for my health.

I was asked at cardiac rehab if I think I can keep up the diet methods I am using and I said “yes” without hesitation. I feel I can and will do it. I may not portion stuff out into baggies as much, but yeah…I will get more familiar with portion sizes and I can stop doing that as much. I will continue to weigh most everything though, especially cooking meals.

Speaking of food, yesterday I took a trident salmon burger and tossed it on the grill. I sprinkled some water on top and sprinkled some taco seasoning on top. After 5-6 minutes I flipped it over and repeated the procedure. When done I shredded it up into a tortilla, tossed some romaine on top along with some low-fat cheese and fresh tomatoes. I finished it off with some Chipotle Salsa Cremosa made by Herdez. Oh man…I was really craving tacos and that took care of that.

I got some fruit yesterday called an “aprium”. I looked it up and sometimes they are called other names but the most common is a “pluot” (depends on a few things to determine what they are called). It a cross between an apricot and a plum. Incredibly juicy, sweet and delicious with a light, wonderful flavor.

Just wanted to close this post by passing along a safe cheap flights link that gives me a chance to win a free subscription. It is where I get my info for flights: http://fbuy.me/r8U0_.

Have a great night/day.

July 17th, 2021

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What the…

The tree above is called a “monkey puzzle tree”. I did not know much about them other than there are a few around the area that I have seen in various places – you cannot miss something that unique.

I had to know more so I did look them up and they are from South America. It can grow up to 150 feet tall with a 7’ diameter trunk and, get this, can live for 700 years or more and up to 1000! It is a prehistoric tree that dates back 210 MILLION YEARS! Crikey!

I got more caulking done on the trailer today after a trip to do laundry and get a couple of things from the store. I’ll be working on it more tomorrow and now that I am getting better at doing it it’s going faster so I can be done with it this week hopefully. I got one of the storage compartments sealed up, a window, and one side of the front. The rear window is the only window left but I need to find out about getting it fixed so I will check into that before I seal it up in case it needs to be removed to fix it. I am hoping the wind dies down tomorrow so I am not getting hit with it all day while trying to get it finished.

The winds are still blowing, both literally and figuratively. It just won’t stop and I hate being out in the wind while trying to work on the trailer. We need rain pretty badly and the snowpack in the mountains is all gone now and the winds just dry things out quicker. Might be a scary Summer and Fall until we get some precipitation and the fire danger is extremely high. It has been averaging around 60° F here so it has been very pleasant as opposed to the 100° F weather we had a few weeks ago.

I am still planning on getting away someplace in the next week or two after I get some appointments out of the way. Cardiac rehab is the biggest hurdle to doing so but it is going good. I am learning some things about exercises and diet that I needed more info on. I feel confident I won’t need to go for the full 12 weeks and quite possibly even less.

I should be able to start riding my bike again in a few weeks so that will help with my exercise regimen. That will be strange to do. I won’t be riding to town anytime soon though. It’s hard to believe it has been almost three months since my bypass surgery and nearly six since my heart attack. My chest is still tingling & numb and that gets annoying since it seems to change all the time.

The new iPad and keyboard cover are awesome. I have been using it and trying to learn some new things about it, especially using the Apple Pencil. It is odd not having an old-school computer but I think I can make this work pretty well; it’s just a different way to use a computer. This tablet has plenty of power and a much better keyboard than my MacBook Pro did.

I am starting to replace my DVDs with digital downloads when I find them on sale. This also gives me a chance to see what DVDs I can get rid of. It also gives me a chance to revisit movies I used to like to see if I still like them enough to replace but I am certain that I won’t replace them all. Digital copies are sure a lot easier and some have special editions that are not available anywhere else.

That’s it for today’s entry.

July 16th, 2021

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I had no idea she moved here to The Colonies!

I got out for a real hike today; nearly two miles of forested trail with hills. I got a pretty good workout in and I really felt it plus I got to explore some new areas and trails where I went walking. Even though it was a cool and cloudy day I still managed to work up a sweat so I was working hard.

Even though I have been walking a lot every day (most days) it has all been level ground. Last week’s cardio rehab on the treadmill was on an incline and at a brisk pace, then it was on to the stationary bike for a short but intense (for me) “ride”. I definitely felt it and have decided that I need to do my flat walk in the morning with my landlady (helps her after knee replacement surgery). After that I’ll take out for some hills to help get the cardio and stamina levels up.

It’s gonna be a busy weekend around here with the tourists so it’s an early morning run to do laundry and hit the store then come home for the day’s first walk. After that it’s going to be a snack and kick back for a few then go hit the trail. Then it’s back to working on the trailer again. Today’s chance of rain ended up being zero so at least I won’t need to let anything dry out before I continue to work on it. I’m getting faster and neater at doing the caulking. One window came out kinda sloppy (the cloth rag I was using had something in it that came off in the caulking) so I don’t know if I can remove the excess caulking without screwing up the paint. I’ll ask around at one of the RV places.

I need to get a little cooking done soon too. I did some meal prepping last weekend but I want to do some more. It will just go in the freezer so I’ll have stuff to take in the trailer when my plans get a little more real and less tentative. I can’t wait!

Prepping and weighing portions makes it easier for keeping track of for my diet but I will still need to take my kitchen scale to weigh anything else that hasn’t been weighed and labeled.

It’s now looking like Canada may open up in the next few weeks. I am not planning on going driving up there for a while and I don’t know if I would do the train or a ferry yet either. It’s going to be absolute chaos. I have places I want to visit up there in areas that I have not been to yet. It’s been this long so a little while longer will be fine. Not much longer though…

That’s all for now.

July 15th, 2021

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I got my new iPad Pro Tuesday and it’s pretty awesome. I was getting pretty tired of doing everything on my phone so it’s nice to finally have a bigger screen to work on. I was never really happy with my MacBook Pro and this is definitely more portable than the MBP was. Yesterday my keyboard/case got here and it is every bit the great keyboard everyone online said that it was.

It’s looking like I got my passport renewed in the nick of time – well, for what it’s worth. Mine actually took about eight weeks from the time I sent it in and got it back, but now they are saying it will take several months to get them back. And it’s not like I will be going anywhere real soon, but you never know. I did get it much faster than I thought I would

However, it’s looking even less likely every day that I will be using it in the near future. It’s getting even riskier by the day it seems and now some of the places I want to go have begun shutting down again…and that is even if they were even open to travelers at all. It’s so frustrating since it is so damn easy to fix.

It has been very windy here so I am hoping tomorrow it will calm down. I need to finish the last few windows on the trailer and start on the other trim. I have a tentative trip coming up so I need to get this done in the next few days. With the dry warmer weather it makes it easy to be out doing this stuff. Also, with the weekend coming up it will be time to stay home and away from the tourists.

I fired up the fridge a few days ago to make sure the freezer is sealed and not frosting up inside; that means the door I fixed is sealed up good. I checked it yesterday and it was fine. I will be checking it tomorrow again and if it is okay I will be shutting it off. I should know after 3-4 days if it will frost up inside or not.

Last night I watched a movie called “Chef” with Jon Favreau and a few other familiar faces. Being as foodie I found it a very enjoyable and fun movie to watch. As a spin-off they did a real cooking show series derived from the movie. I have that in my watchlist.

Tonight I watched a movie called “Divine Access”. An odd, yet interesting (to me) movie that I don’t really know how to describe. Gary Cole, a ventriloquist Jesus doll, existentialism, and a lot of interesting perspectives. I can guarantee that this movie probably won’t be for everyone and some most definitely will be offended. I wasn’t though! Then again, not much does offend me.

That’s about all for this post. The weekend is near!