9lbs. 15 oz.

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Well, the newest addition to the family has finally arrived! Rowan is her name.

And yes, you read that weight right in the title. Just one ounce shy of 10 pounds.

After sleeping two hours or so last night during my travels and struggling to stay awake all day that was a much-needed jolt to perk right up.

That’s pretty much all I have the energy to post right now.


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I got to snap a few nice shots lately and I thought I would share them. These were taken on my iPhone 6.

A Misty Morning

This Was a Beautiful Sight – the Right Time at the Right Place

Haze on a Stream

Looks Inviting, but it is Spring Melt!

Ahhh...the Mountains!

Such a beautiful place

These phones nowadays have amazing cameras in them. For no bigger than what they are they really put many regular cameras to shame. The video that they can take is even better, and that is just the stock app. Add to that all the other editing apps you can get – and many for free – and you can do some amazing things with your photos.

The top one is my favorite of the three. That is the actual picture and not re-touched.

Trees. Big Trees.

Adventure, Just things, Outdoors

I have spent the best part of the last two weeks with a few co-workers identifying hazard trees in campgrounds. We have looked at hundreds of trees and have found signs of disease while wandering through the woods dodging devil’s club and downed giants – climbing over, around, and through the sometimes tangled understory.

While wandering about it is quite interesting to not just look at the trees, since that is what we are doing to look for problems, but to touch and be up close and personal with them. A few Douglas Fir trees that we looked at were massive – over six feet around the trunk and one was nearly 300 feet tall. Think about that for a moment…THREE HUNDRED FEET! That is one big tree. And those are not even as big as the some of the redwoods or giant sequoia.

It makes me think about what the views are from the top of that majestic tree. That has to be incredible. I know that there are people who climb to the top of the redwoods for research and that has to be an amazing thing to do. There are canopy tour companies and I may just have to find one in California and give that a try. (I have another tree-based adventure I am planning on doing this summer. I will post on that only when I actually get to do it.)

It also makes me think about the things these trees have seen in their lifetimes and the challenges they overcame (and keep having to struggle through thanks to humans) to become that big and live that long. They have not been around nearly as long as the bristlecone pines we saw in Colorado, but the bristlecones we saw were nowhere the size of these trees.

It’s just like looking at the stars on a dark summer’s night; it really kind of puts you in your place in the grand scheme of things. We humans are pretty small and insignificant comparatively speaking, yet we can have such devastating effects.

Go out in the woods and take the time to really look around you. It’s pretty amazing what you can find if you just slow down to look, listen, smell, and sometimes even taste.

Perhaps it will awaken something in you as well.

What a Great Day!

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As I write this I am kicked back in the sun on a riverbank, in a t-shirt, surrounded by nature. The sounds, smells, and sights that are all around us is diverse and amazing. It’s easy to escape in it. And yes… I have my pants on as well.

Today was another outdoors day. I guess I was tired Friday when I got home because I slept a solid ten hours that night. Must have needed it but I could not fall asleep last night until 1:00 am, and then I woke up at 6:00 this morning. I haven’t slept that good or that long in quite a while as I did Friday night. That’s okay I woke up at 6 since I felt pretty good with just 5 hours in. Plus it’s a beautiful day and there’s stuff to do so I rolled out of bed and got ready to go after I made some breakfast.

It was a beautiful, sunny day today so I took advantage of it. I went to the storage lot and spent a few hours there knocking a few “to-dos” off the trailer list. Got several things done so not much left to do, but those things need to be done outside of the lot anyhoo. I got a few upgrades done and took a few things out I didn’t need in there. Saves pounds and that saves fuel and money. Getting kind of excited to use the trailer. It’s a pretty big change in my life right now.

Okay, had to come back in – starting to cool off so it was time. Plus, that’s about all I needed to say for now. Think I’ll go catch a movie or two.



Road Trip!!

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Well, I decided to head south after my appointment this morning. I will not give you my destination because I don’t really know what it will be. I have some bucket list checkoffs to sharpen the pencil for.

As I write this, I am in a hotel in Roseburg, Oregon. I had a beer and food at the lounge next door, then it was time to get my hot tub on. Needless to say I am quite relaxed right now and it is just whatI needed.

Keeping this short, as all I really did was drive today. I saw Mount Saint Helens, Mount Rainier, and Mount Hood on my drive. I also saw one of the worst highways I’ve ever driven on. It was black eyes for one had to been 30 miles. It was horrible. Cars were being pulled up over the side of the rail from an embankment, everyone was stopping to put their chains on. I honestly do not know why they have the highway still open.

I was hoping to drive a little bit farther, but I just said the hell with it and pulled over and got a room. I can drive more tomorrow and I plan on it. It will be much safer and I am also trying to modify my driving habits to go fewer miles a day. Slow down and spend time enjoying it.

This trip is really getting me excited to go get my trailer!

That’s all for tonight. Time to kick back!

See you kids later!