A Long-Ass Week is Done

I have been working lots of OT this week on top of working the holiday. I was really hoping things would be slowing down but it just isn't happening quite yet. Going to be a good paycheck though! The whole damn state is on fire and every county has been deemed a state of emergency … Continue reading A Long-Ass Week is Done


Back to Salads

My week-long eating-out binge has now ended. It's veggies, fruits, and salads again. "Did you feel guilty?" you may ask. You may also be pondering the fact (if you know me) that I may not have always been a healthy eater, but I have gotten on a better diet for my health over the last … Continue reading Back to Salads


I got to snap a few nice shots lately and I thought I would share them. These were taken on my iPhone 6. These phones nowadays have amazing cameras in them. For no bigger than what they are they really put many regular cameras to shame. The video that they can take is even better, … Continue reading Scenery

And the Madness Begins!

It's that time of year - the (Un)official beginning of the summer vacation season - Memorial Day. Families packing up their bags and tossing them into the ol' minivan or SUV to head out on the open road. It is really a great American tradition that I am glad to see still is important to people. But … Continue reading And the Madness Begins!

Sunshine, a Bic Lighter, Sausages, Guinness…What More Can You Ask For?

An absolutely gorgeous day today. I woke up to sunshine and the birds carrying on. A crisp morning - even with the sunshine - so I decided that it was a good time to make up breakfast for the week and toss it in the fridge. That bought me enough time to get outside when it was … Continue reading Sunshine, a Bic Lighter, Sausages, Guinness…What More Can You Ask For?

What a Great Day!

As I write this I am kicked back in the sun on a riverbank, in a t-shirt, surrounded by nature. The sounds, smells, and sights that are all around us is diverse and amazing. It's easy to escape in it. And yes... I have my pants on as well. Today was another outdoors day. I guess … Continue reading What a Great Day!

April 15th, 2017

I know it's been kinda quiet on here the last few weeks, but not really much has been happening other than work and some exciting personal news. I got a FaceTime call from Meghan informing me that she is pregnant and is due in December. That was a little surprising! Chelsea is also pregnant (that … Continue reading April 15th, 2017