I Kinda Like This Not Working Thing!!

I've been off work for really not very long now (about three days...) and I'm liking this quite a bit! I'm getting some things done and doctor appointments taken care of before the end of the year. Staying active at the same time! I got some shopping for the trip out of the way (items … Continue reading I Kinda Like This Not Working Thing!!


Small Town

One of the best things about living in a small town is the "community" feel to it. The parades, festivals, outhouse races, etc. are all big events in a small town and everyone comes out to play and have some fun. Even in bad times people help each other out to get through. That's what … Continue reading Small Town

Pondering on an Autumn Sunday Morning

Ahh, the calm of an early Sunday morning. It's such a peaceful time unlike Saturdays where people are running around doing errands, shopping, and taking care of things so they can spend their Sundays watching sports, having family dinners, or whatever. Cup of rich, dark, black coffee and WordPress is the first order of the … Continue reading Pondering on an Autumn Sunday Morning

September 24th, 2017 – Back Home After a Great Week Away!

I just got home and got my clothes and other things put away. It was a long drive, and fairly uneventful since it is interstate almost the entire way. But, of course I had to make a side trip. At Anaconda I stopped at the rest area and decided to drive MT 1, the "Pintler … Continue reading September 24th, 2017 – Back Home After a Great Week Away!

Back Home Tomorrow

It's been a really good week. I got a little hiking in, got some vacation sightseeing in on a road trip, and I got to hang out with Meghan and Loran and had some great food at the baby shower/cookout. I even got to try a local Montana beer called Cold Smoke Scottish Ale. It … Continue reading Back Home Tomorrow

If You Could Go Someplace…

...where would it be and why? I am NOT talking about one of those "unlimited money" trips since money can buy everything but happiness. I am talking about someplace that strikes a chord inside you; not just Monte Carlo because it is expensive or has naked beaches...or Antarctica because it is simply one of the … Continue reading If You Could Go Someplace…

Stuff – September 6th, 2017

Tomorrow is our season-end party at work. This year's bash has a theme - we are doing breakfast instead of grilling burgers on the gas grill! It's a potluck so everyone is bringing something. I am going to throw together some biscuits with eggs, turkey back, turkey sausage, and four, yes, FOUR - kinds of … Continue reading Stuff – September 6th, 2017