March 18th, 2018

Finally the move is over. I am exhausted and quite a few dollars poorer with the travel costs of making so many trips. It is nice to be done and I have almost everything put away. The storage unit is almost as full as it can be for the time being. I will go back … Continue reading March 18th, 2018


March 8th, 2018

Saturday morning I am loading up the truck and the canoe and taking it to the new place. This week I have been packing boxes and figuring out the first things getting moved. Today the last few to-dos were to-doed and things really fell into place after that. This morning I got in touch with … Continue reading March 8th, 2018

March 4th, 2018

Pretty exciting stuff happening! This weekend I started moving stuff into my newest humble abode. I have maybe one more load of stuff I can get by without left in the apartment that I can load up to take there and not be too inconvenienced. Nothing valuable yet, but I will (hopefully!) be finishing up … Continue reading March 4th, 2018

European Tour 2018 – Wrap-up

We came crashing back down to Earth pretty hard after we got back to Seattle. We got to our hotel and barely made it to 8:30 PM. We had to run out to get a bite to eat but couldn't muster up the energy for anything more than that before falling asleep. After being up … Continue reading European Tour 2018 – Wrap-up

Europe – Day 10 – February 3rd, 2018: Köln, Germany to Antwerp, Belgium

After a delicious bakery breakfast (gonna miss the bakeries!), it’s back on the train to our next stop. Our hotel is situated not only on the open plaza between two cathedrals, out the back door is a shopping center (with the previously mentioned bakeries) located in the train station. Of course we had to go … Continue reading Europe – Day 10 – February 3rd, 2018: Köln, Germany to Antwerp, Belgium

Europe – Day 1 – January 25th, 2018: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We finally made it! We arrived in Amsterdam in the late morning after our brief stopover/plane change in Iceland. We had the option of staying in Iceland when I bought the tickets but we will save doing that for some other time. I hear it is an expensive place to visit and we wanted to … Continue reading Europe – Day 1 – January 25th, 2018: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

January 24th, 2018 – Off to Europe!

Well, we are outta here and off to Europe! Just shy of eight hours flight time on the first leg of the trip. We have a layover for a plane change in Reykjavik, Iceland. It is a quick layover for only about an hour and a half or so then we board the second plane for … Continue reading January 24th, 2018 – Off to Europe!