May 4th, 2018

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Today’s adventure is to Victoria, BC on the MV Coho out of Port Angeles, WA.

I am excited to finally go over and check out Victoria. I have been through there on my short motorcycle trip but have not visited it properly.

Going to Canada is international travel, but doesn’t really seem like it since there’s no 12 hour flight. Once you get there, though, it’s quickly apparent it is. A passport check and the signs in French really are big clues.

I have an enhanced driver’s license but am bringing my passport because I want to try and get a Canada stamp in it to go along with the Europe stamps from our trip.

A few years ago I rode my motorcycle over on what ended up being a misadventure with the mechanical issues it was having and got to Port Alberni and had to turn around for home. I rode through Victoria on that trip but didn’t play tourist in the city since I was trying to get to the other side of Vancouver Island.

Today I plan on getting some miles (or would that be kilometers?) under my belt seeing the what the city has to show (and feed!) me. I hear the Royal BC Museum is a great place to visit for a few hours so I may do that. I’m really not much for shopping – I’d rather see and do things and have experiences. I will probably go in some shops that are interesting. My neighbors were here last week and she said there was a clothing store selling hemp clothing. I definitely want to check that out if I can find it.

The weather seems to be clearing off nicely as I sit here on the ship waiting to sail. It was cloudy when I got here and the weather forecast is calling for mostly cloudy and a 40% chance of a shower over there.

The trip over was strange in that the seas seemed calm but the boat was still rocking a bit. I’ve been on the water many times before and have never experienced that. Very strange.

We got into the harbor and for some reason customs was really grilling me. I had a backpack with a raincoat and water bottle and he kept on me about getting searched. I have nothing to hide and I hate getting hassled – if you want to look through it then just do it and stop effing with me. I didn’t have this much trouble going into European countries.

I walked down to Chinatown and looked around. I went into a few shops and looked around at the Chinese herbs and groceries that were available. I wanted to pick up some herbal patches for my neck but didn’t know if I could take them back to the US so I didn’t get any.

It was 11 o’clock in the morning so what better time for a delicious pint of Guinness. I ended up at a pub called Irish Times to not only quench my thirst but to also get a big plate of poutine. All of the servers wear kilts and the atmosphere was classic pub and well done. I like the comfy atmosphere much better than most bars I have been to in the States.

I opted for the Irish poutine – it looked pretty traditional but with a twist. It had Dubliner cheddar cheese from Ireland and bacon. It was fantastic and very filling. I could see a big giant bowl or two of that after a long night of partying.

They had a pretty good menu full of many varieties of deliciousness. I saw them bringing out a Scotch egg to somebody. I’m not big on eggs other than scrambled but that might be interesting to try.

I mainly just walked around looking at things afterwards. I went into the British Columbia Parliament building and did a self-guided tour. I got to see the room where the Parliament decisions are made for the province.

I went to a grocery store and picked up a couple of snacks. It was about a mile from the parliament building each way. I headed back towards the parliament building since it is fairly close to the ferry terminal. Next to the parliament building is a little park with the water fountain and a wall of water behind the British Colombia seal and also the seals of all of the other provinces as well as the Canadian seal.

There was a really nice public space in the front with beautiful flowers and a nicely manicured lawn. Seems like a good place for a snack and doing some people watching.

It ended up being a beautiful day. Hopefully I won’t have to put up with any more customs BS going back over. I guess I’ll find out in a bit.

March 19th, 2017

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(I started this post on March 19th and was too busy to finish it)

It has been a great time the last few days. Angie and Alexis came out to visit and we have been all over the place.

The first few days we stayed at the Hotel 5 in Seattle. It is a pretty cool boutique hotel downtown near the Space Needle, the Five Point, and many other fun and interesting things to see, eat, and do. I would (and will) stay there again and I recommend it to anyone.

We went to the Pike Place Market – always a good place to visit for great food and people watching. After that we went to the Five Point for some food and then headed back to the hotel to kick back a bit and figure out where we were going when.

The next day we went to the MoPOP (formerly the EMP). Alexis is a Kurt Cobain fan so she had to see the Nirvana exhibit. It’s a good thing we went when we did because today is the last day of the exhibit. Our timing could not have been better. It is traveling to Brazil, then back to here to be displayed again in some form but probably without some of the things we saw. There was a volunteer guide who was a huge Nirvana fan since ’92 that did a guided walk through the exhibit. It was very interesting to hear some of the things she talked about.

We left there and went to the Waterfront area and walked around. Seattle is such an awesome place.

The next day started out with decent weather in Seattle and then turned poopy as we headed southwest toward the coast. Lots of rain. Copious amounts of rain. We went to Aberdeen, WA…Kurt Cobain lived there as a kid. We got to see the park named for him and it is just down the street from the house he grew up in. I have been through Aberdeen a few times before and it ended up being an interesting place to visit.

We worked our way up the coast and their first-ever view of the Pacific Ocean. We got to Ruby Beach and did some beach walking despite the weather. We tried to find some tide pools but did not see anything – possibly this was due to the rough water.

We ended up getting a room in Forks, WA. Yes…THAT Forks. It was just a place to stop for the night and not hunting for vampires or werewolves. We found a decent, older motel for a decent price. Tomorrow’s destination was to get to Port Townsend and then get back to Seattle a day early to avoid not getting a ferry and them missing their plane.

We headed north and east from Forks on US 101 and stopped at Marymere Falls for a hike. We went through Port Angeles and Sequim and stopped there for Angie’s first taste of Thai food at Sawadee Thai. We then headed on towards Port Townsend for some sightseeing, shopping, and walking. Such a cool town to visit and hang out in. Afterwards we got on  the Bainbridge ferry – another first for Angie and Alexis. The water was pretty good so no scary ride this time…other than the hordes of prom-going teenagers. Not on e of the girls had a sweater, jacket, etc. and it was definitely not a warm day.

We made our way to the hotel near the mall and we found our way to that mall the next day after we went to visit Jimi Hendrix’ grave.

It was a good visit and we had fun. They got to see many things, but there is so much up here to see and do.

Back to Civilization

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Well, I am now back to my version of reality. We got back late Tuesday night and I have hit the ground running. The job search has begun, unemployment has been filed for, the Mac has been updated, and I am ready to apply (and have been applying) for jobs.

For those of you who have looked at my blog from the beginning you would understand what I am saying. If not, this might be a good time to start at Day 1 of my blog so you will understand how I got to this point. If you don’t, then I will summarize with a sentence: this is really the first time in three years that I will be leading some semblance of a normal life – living in a house in a town and looking for gainful employment.

This might take some adjustment, but it will be fine. You have to understand that for the last six months I lived on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands in a tiny house and worked for Washington State Parks. Prior to that I lived on two separate National Wildlife Refuges over 2½ years. I have not really lived with much civilization during this time. Life has not really been what most of you would call “normal” by any stretch of the imagination, but I must say that it has been awesome! I saw my fair share of trials before I moved up here, but still there are no regrets over what has happened in the last three years – not counting my motorcycle wreck, of course. Many wonderful and exciting things have happened since I have moved up here to Washington.

As soon as I get time and get pictures downloaded I will be posting them as well as updating some info on pics I have posted recently. I just have not had time or my Mac to do the posts like I want to and usually do. Be sure to check back often!

Job Searching

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Searching for a job in the world today is much different. Those of you looking for a job know what I mean. You have to be competitive, and to do that involves social media.

I used to be on Facebook, but left it nearly four years ago. I got tired of privacy issues with the site every time they would update the site. I also got tired of hearing about people’s religion, politics, and what they had for breakfast. I still will not get on that site again, but have to use some other forms of social media to find employment.

I recently resumed my blog (obviously), and last week I got on LinkedIn. I just signed up for a Twitter account a few minutes ago so now I am learning how to use it for a job search and, if I did it right, have all three tied together.

It looks like it will be a little challenging but I am looking at websites for help on using Twitter for a job search. If you have any suggestions or helpful hints please send me a message.


Not Much Longer…

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I have about five more weeks left to work up here in the San Juans. It has been a lot of fun and I have gotten to live and work in yet another beautiful place here in Washington.

I am not quite sure what is next…going back to Port Angeles for now and surgery is still pending for mid-October but I am in the process of looking for my next position.

I built a LinkedIn profile yesterday and have been busy this morning trying to get my info posted there. I am not on Facebook or Twitter and am not really interested in Facebook. However, I am not sure if Twitter would be helpful for a job search or not. If anyone has thoughts on that (or any other job searching ideas) please let me know. I am monitoring the unemployment website, a couple of job aggregators, USAjobs, Washington State job site, and some local papers.

If anyone reading this hears or knows of any outdoor opportunities here in Washington please let me know either here or on LinkedIn. It would be greatly appreciated.