September 9th, 2018

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Friday was a bit of a busy day. It was a day to get caught up on some paperwork and do some arranging, cleaning, shredding and make a trash run. I did the recycling last week so that was already out of the way. Saturday was jam-packed with some filing and more shredding and getting rid of unnecessary paperwork.

Another thing I am doing is pondering my travel options now that I have my schedule. Europe is definite during the off-season, but not exactly sure when yet. It is narrowed down to a timeframe but no tickets are bought yet. I have seen some great deals and want to go twice at the prices I have seen but I am leaning more towards a road trip in the trailer for a month or so and a single trip to Europe. Decisions, decisions.

The trailer trip is something I was planning on doing before but with everything going on I could not go earlier this year. I was hoping to do some weekend trips this summer (as I had posted earlier) but this is a great time to be able to make a longer adventure happen.

I needed a getaway so I went over to Port Townsend and attended my first-ever Wooden Boat Festival.

2018 Wooden Boat Festival - Port Townsend, WA


Wooden Teardrop TrailerDetail on Wooden Teardrop Trailer

My schedule changed so I took full advantage of the time off to get out, hang with some friends, have a few beers, some food-truck deliciousness and have enjoy some much-needed relaxation. It was a great time and I had a lot of fun and had some unexpected things happen while there.

I got there early and decided to walk around and check out the amazing craftsmanship that was put into some of the boats. The skill and attention to detail is just incredible on some of these vessels. One was an old speedboat capable of going 63 mph with a two-stroke Mercury that had been carefully rebuilt and restored. The motor alone was Art Deco brilliance.

My friends showed up while I was in the “Main Stage” tent having a local beverage. They joined me with an IPA and then we went for fish tacos and poutine. Perfect match with a beer. We then went back to the tent to enjoy some more music. And another IPA.

We ended up standing on the edge of the dance floor since there was not ,much room anywhere else and one friend had happy feet and was busting a move. While we were talking between songs another song was started as I made some gesture with my hand while talking. All of a sudden a strange hand grabbed mine and dragged me to the dance floor before I knew what had even happened.

You have to understand something. I do not dance – it is just not my thing and never has been. It’s not that I haven’t, but it takes quite a lot of alcohol to get me out there to bust a move. And I really do mean a LOT. I had not had but two beers so for this to happen was rather shocking. But, I went with it. When in Rome…

It was a slower song so that was better than a fast song as far as my dancing abilities. So there we were, slow dancing and just chatting away. Then came a rather unexpected surprise. She suddenly said “Oh, there’s my husband!”, to which I replied “What?”, trying to make sure that I had somehow incorrectly heard what she had said. She repeated it and then he came up to us, fairly drunk and a bit bigger than me. “Oh shit.” went through my head quickly and repeatedly. She told him that SHE grabbed ME to dance and introduced us. He smiled at me and said “whatever”. We then shook hands and he went on his way to find yet another beer. Just another adventure in my life.

It was really good to get out and do something and do it with some friends. With the events that have taken place over the last few weeks I am now trying to return to the version of “normal” that is my life. After losing your parents you find that normal will never be the same again, though. Then there is the emptiness that will never be filled and the endless “shoulda-woulda-couldas” that goes through your head.

But we have all the great memories and that is a wonderful thing to have on top of knowing that they loved us all and we were lucky enough to have them in our lives. And we loved them, and still do love them.

No one can take that away.

Back in Port Townsend

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Man it was warm out today and I spent it doing yard work all the live long day. It was a tiring day and rather humid.

But now, I’m enjoying a quiet evening in my hotel room watching TV with the window open. Tomorrow’s appointment is mid-day but I need to scoot as soon as it’s done. Gotta hit the grocery store on the way home and want to avoid the rush hour (which is a misnomer because it’s always rush-hour around Seattle). Maybe I’ll just hit Safeway here and I can drive straight back and hopefully enjoy the remainder of the day.

Driving here, I was listening to some music that I added to a playlist on my phone. The FM transmitter I got works great and I gave it a workout.

Have you ever been listening to a song and remember a certain occurrence in your life when that song was being played on the radio or your streaming service? Maybe something special happened in your life when “Smoke on the Water” came blasting out of your car stereo. Of course that’s for those of us who grew up with radio.

There are certain life events that come to mind when I hear certain songs that I grew up with and it still happens even into my adult years. I remember the song “No Time” by The Guess Who was hugely popular back when I was a kid. At the time a kid I went to school with got arrested for breaking into Lansing Lumber. We were only kids – 10 or 11.

One of the songs that came on my stereo today harkened back to one very special night under the stars at Red Rocks in Denver. It was the Goo Goo Dolls and it was a warm night and a great show under starry skies at a legendary venue. It was unforgettable in many ways and is the most special in all of the many concerts I have been to or worked. I’d sure like another experience like that.

Bands like the Goo Goo Dolls, Dishwalla, and Collective Soul are pretty similar bands. They all write some pretty catchy songs and sure seem to stay at it and make money. I like all three of these bands and you should give them a listen.

This is one that fell into that category of memories over the last year: Porcupine Tree- Half Light.

Damn. I have to close the window! The paper mill stinks and now my room smells. Smells bad too. That’s a bummer – I was looking forward to it being open all night.
Well, better think about sleep. Maybe you should too…after you read a few more of my posts!

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May 13th, 2017

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Decided to stay home this weekend and I am really trying to not make any trips anyplace. I stayed home today. Need some down time to get some things done – mainly getting the trailer “open for the season”.

I got the water system nuked with chlorine this afternoon so tomorrow I’ll empty and flush the system to get the disinfectant out of it then it will be ready to go for the most part. I have to get the propane topped off and do some organizing after I get it straightened back out so that will probably be tomorrow as well. On top of going out of town for work a few days late next week, I may have to go back to the Peninsula next weekend for an appointment as well. I am not sure if I am going to hotel it again or take the trailer – or I may just go for the day and save some $$ on hotels, trailering on the ferry, and dining out for three days. Gotta think about that I guess. Would be nice to get it out on it’s “maiden voyage” soon though!

So it’s all coming along. Work is really busy, and keeps getting busier and there is also  the unofficial “Beginning of Summer Holiday Weekend” approaching fast. My days off will soon change. June is shaping up to be very busy in many ways but we will have more people to help out and that will ease some of the strain.

That’s all for the moment…

If you can, hug yer mom tomorrow.



Back to the Peninsula

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Had an emergency pop up with one of my hearing aids this past week so it was back to Port Townsend – but just long enough to drop it off for repairs. No Waterfront Pizza for me today, but I had burgers and fries on the mind once back on the Mainland…more on that soon.

I went to Sequim first, hoping to catch up with my good friend Dave. Both he and his wife are great friends and we have had some great times. I glad I got to see him. We got to chat for a bit and could have went on for a long time I am sure (we usually do), but I had to get to my appointment.

While over there it brought back many memories. I did get to see a few more old friends from the Refuge while we were at the kiosk. It was good to see them as well. I hope to get back soon and have more time. With my days off changing soon I am trying to squeeze in what I can on the few Saturday and Sunday “weekends” I have left.

It was such a beautiful day and I am glad it wasn’t raining. Had enough of that nonsense for a while. It was beautiful blue sky, sun, and perfect temperatures – a perfect day to be outside with friends. Wish I had not been so rushed but I needed to get groceries and get back home.

So back on the ferry after my appointment, the last one loaded on the boat, with just enough room:Barely got my truck on the boat!


It was great to be out in the sun on the water again. It has been a while and it was absolutely wonderful.

Yours Truly

On the ferry heading back home


Now it was time for that burger and fries. Actually it was four burgers and two fries. Hahaha! (They are not big orders of fries or big burgers.)

A Seattle Legend

Yep, my choice for best fries anywhere and a delicious, old-school thin-patty burger. For those of you in the Kansas City area, much like the old Griff’s Burger Bar. We had a Griff’s in Leavenworth while I was growing up and it was simple and good. They ALSO had a clown!

Anyhoo, those fries at Dick’s…man I like Five Guys’ fries but these are better than those by leaps and bounds. Just look at these things!

Best. Fries. In. The. World.

Best. Fries. In. The. World. Really. Yes.

Those are little straws of tasty perfection. I have eaten here several times since I try to stop when I am in the area. Fortunately that is not that often or I would probably be there way too much.

A few weeks ago I gave it a shot and made some pad Thai.

Pad Thai

My Very First Attempt at Pad Thai!

It actually came out pretty decent. Now I don’t need to spend $15 on a meal; I can make several meals’ worth for that price or less. Proud of my accomplishment!

Anyhoo, there’s a few new pics for you to look at and some new news to read.

Back to Port Townsend

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Today I had an appointment in Port Townsend – one of my favorite places for many reasons. I figured I would make the best of it so I have a room on the water and am heading back home in the morning to get off the road before the traffic thickens.

I got over here early in the day and took a leisurely lap around town. In short sleeves, I might add. It was a beautiful day with lots of sun and a few clouds but did cloud up in the afternoon and the wind has picked up. A slice of artichoke and sun-dried tomato pizza from Waterfront for lunch ended up being one of the best slices I have EVER had. Bold statement, I know, but man was it fantastic.

After my appointment I had halibut and fries at a “dive” restaurant called “SeaJ’s”. Not too bad and decent prices in a quirky place on the water.

It was a tough dinner choice with the variety of restaurants in this town. Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, pizza… there just are not enough meals in a day to get them all in.

I am really getting into the complexity of food and like the “ritual” of cooking, much like the “ritual” of making coffee. It’s just something that is fun to do and is quite satisfying. I also appreciate the process of how ingredients come together to become a dish greater than the sum of its parts. I want to learn how to make pad Thai and pho at home in the near future.

I watch those travel shows of Bourdain’s and he is a foodie but not a nerdy geek about it. That’s what I feel I am. I watched that pizza episode of Emeril’s latest series and it was amazing. Everything in the pizza was sourced local and this has been called “The World’s Best Pizza”. By the look on Emeril’s face when he took one chew of it you could tell it was special. That’s what I want to eat. I don’t want fancy. I want delicious, no… I want a food experience.