April 21st, 2020

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I really needed to do something different so I decided a few days ago to make a few changes to help myself get through staying at home better and easier. As a preface to this post, I am REALLY trying hard to keep my political opinions mine in this blog. I have to say it is sure as hell not easy given what is currently happening in this country.

First and foremost, I quit watching the news and haven’t watched the news for the last 3-4 days; in fact, during this time I have not even had the TV on until late at night and that was to watch a movie (and having some beautiful weather here has helped in many ways). There is entirely too much negativity and misinformation along with the political lies and bullshit. That alone has made me feel SO much better and has helped rid myself of the bad moods and given me more energy. I really suggest trying it to see if it helps you feel better.

Granted I still do get on the internet and do see things on there but I filter through said political lies and bullshit on there as well and don’t click on much news even on the ‘net. I am doing the things I am supposed to do (and much more) according to my state’s orders to stay healthy. I do pay attention to my local news to some extent so I am aware of what is going on close to home. As far as national politics I will be quite blunt –  I don’t fucking care.

Second, I am finding other more productive things to focus my energies on and spend time doing (other than mowing grass). I am looking at new recipes and making up a shopping list with new ingredients that I don’t have on hand (one recipe I really want is the cottage pie recipe from The Shack in Dublin, Ireland). I have an Instant Pot recipe magazine a friend sent me so I am looking through that along with some of the cookbooks I brought back from KS that my mom had.

I will be spending LOTS of time deep-cleaning my house starting tomorrow (supposed to rain so I will be in the house anyhoo) to get rid of the pollen that is all over everything in my house. It was so bad yesterday that I actually had to go inside – my nose plugged up and my eyes watered relentlessly just sitting outside enjoying the day. I am not looking forward to doing it but it has to be done and hopefully it will rain later today and tomorrow to clear the air. At least I got the yard mowed before the rain gets here. I have also been getting more motivated to do a few other things I need to do but have been low on my priority list.

It is easy to get wrapped up in current events but I am now approaching things differently and I feel MUCH better. I wanted to pass these things along in case someone needs some ideas.

April 7th, 2020

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All is good with me and the rest of my family and I hope that you and your family are also well and taking the necessary precautions and STAYING HOME.

We are really fortunate – we dodged one when we went to Europe in February. We got back just as it started to heat up. Wisely we took precautions to sanitize everything on most public transit when possible and didn’t touch door handles etc. None of the three of us have any illnesses (other than the seasonal tree pollen allergies giving me problems) after being back for six weeks so that’s quite a relief.

I have been home from MT about four weeks as of this post, and I have been out away from the house only 5-6 times getting groceries and prescriptions. I limit my exposure pretty seriously. I do not order takeout even though I would sure like to have some Thai or Vietnamese food while I support our local businesses – I’ll sure be back in line there when this goes away. I am staying home and away from everyone, and any shopping trip I take is get in/get out as fast as possible. I should be able to stay away from the store for two weeks after my last trip.

Cooking new things at home has been fun though. Since I am not eating out I figure if I want to eat something bad enough I will make it so that is what I have been doing. I want to try to make some Irish brown bread but a lot of the baking supplies are nowhere to be found – no flour on the shelves. Perhaps this will spark some huge change in people actually cooking at home again, which will be necessary since many restaurants may not recover from this to reopen.

We finally are enjoying a break in the weather in my area so the dog and I are getting outside quite a bit. We have been out in the sun playing fetch, ball, and Frisbee several times each day so that is a welcome change. We even get to just kick back on the patio and relax. He is enjoying getting out more and we have a lot of fun even though he’s a little bastard sometimes. Yesterday it was a very sunny and pleasant 58 degrees and calm and it is supposed to be even nicer the next two days. Pretty perfect weather.

My backyard is pretty well shaded and the grass is getting tall but it is too wet to mow everything at once so I hope to finish it up over the next few days as it dries out. I really hate mowing grass and have never understood the need for it other than keeping defensible space right next to the house and to keep rodents out. It pollutes, is noisy, and is completely unnecessary. I don’t care how it looks and I hope that we can get away from that thinking at some point.

I’ve been in a major Ireland state of mind lately; I’ve been really thinking about our adventure quite a bit. Yeah the rest of the trip was great, too, but Ireland really affected me very deeply. It is something I was really not prepared for; I had an idea that spending that much time in Ireland and seeing the family castle would “do something” to me but I didn’t know how or what or how much it would be but I have to go back there before I go anywhere else. And I will.

Given the current state of affairs I don’t know how long it will be until it is safe to fly again (biologically, that is). I plan to go back over as soon as I can and the focus of the trip will be Ireland – other countries if time (and money!) permits and if, in fact, I feel like it. Also, given the current state of affairs, it is something positive that I can begin to think about and look forward to doing.

In the meantime, though, I can also think about road trips. Whenever it is good to do so I can try to get some of my U.S./Canada road trips in while I can, but only when I can. I had some fairly ambitious plans to do some road trips this year but sometimes things change so you have to be flexible and sometimes it means you’re staying at home like it or not. I am not making any trips other than necessary.

I am looking for a few other things to do with all of this downtime. I have been looking at new guitars online but I want to play one before I buy one. I am also looking at getting a Dremel tool. I need to install a water heater power switch in the trailer and a Dremel would be handy for doing that but i would like to do other stuff with it if I weren’t artistically deficient.

That’s all for now. Just wanted to post a quick update to let those who read the blog know that my family and I are staying well. I send good thoughts to everyone out there to stay well. Be sure to think about and support the healthcare pros on the front lines by staying safe and doing what you are supposed to do and not what you want to do. Listen to those who really know what they are talking about and ignore the fucking idiots who may think they do but don’t.

July 20th, 2019

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It’s hard to believe that fifty years ago today a man actually walked on another planet. Despite the fact that it was solely done to give a metaphorical finger to “those commie bastards”, the fact is it was an amazing achievement for ALL mankind.

Perspective – an iPhone has enough power in it to manage 120 MILLION moon missions simultaneously! Think about that backwards – in terms of how little computers may have done. That is just amazing.

There is an excellent three-part documentary on PBS about it and I learned so much about it – the good and bad. I thought back to what they had done, but seeing how political it was really was very disheartening; it was not for the exploration of our universe.

I remember seeing the missions on TV as a boy; you really had no choice as ALL THREE TV CHANNELS covered it. I remember thinking about what these brave explorers were accomplishing but I also remember discussing it in school and, at the ripe old age of 9, creating a “protest poster” asking why we are wasting money doing this. The money would be better spent fighting cancer and feeding people was my thought. Boy, that really hits close to me these days in one regard. It turns out that it would have been a better choice of things to do with all those billions of dollars.

Regardless of the disgusting politics involved it still takes nothing away from the accomplishments of all the people involved and it was so amazing to be able to witness the history unfold.

Otherwise, I am still recovering from my surgery and I have a long way to go. I still cannot drive, but at least I can take the bus to pick up groceries and mail and get to my PT appointments. I have not been more than eight miles from my house the last six weeks and it probably won’t change anytime soon. I had so many things I wanted to do this summer – road trips especially – but those things are not going to be happening and it’s so frustrating. It looks like there will probably be nothing happening like that until late this year.

At least the weather has been nice so I can get out for walks and get to the bus without getting soaked. The rain has pretty much stopped so I can care even less about how tall the yard is. The cherries on my cherry tree came and went and they were sweet and delicious! When Meghan and Addie were here we ate quite a few of those along with the raspberries on my raspberry bush and my sugar snap peas. Even the dogs were picking peas and raspberries to eat!

I’m still really excited to get my dog but he won’t be a puppy any longer by the time I get him. Unfortunately Meghan had to take him back because we weren’t sure if I would’ve been able to handle him while recovering. It seemed like the smart thing to do and it was. I really hate to miss out on some of that puppy stuff, but Meghan will be able to whip him into shape until I can get him.

Otherwise life is pretty uneventful. I’m just trying to get through all this recovery and I’m anxious to move on with my life.

I need a vacation really badly.

July 2nd, 2019

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I know it has been a while since I have posted; there’s been a lot going on, yet nothing at all.

My world has been rocked pretty hard. I got injured at work during the last part of April. I hurt my shoulder pretty badly, snapping the long head tendon on my bicep (I heard it pop), completely tearing one muscle on my rotator cuff and partially tearing another. After numerous delays I finally underwent surgery almost three weeks ago and my arm is in a sling so I cannot even drive let alone go to work. It will be a long recovery and so far it really sucks. They told me straight up that it is painful and one of the longest and worst surgeries to recover from. They were right. It absolutely sucks and I hope to never have to do this again.

I am trying to stay positive and upbeat through this but it is pretty difficult being unable to drive and losing out on my entire summer. I even had to have Meghan and a neighbor put the cover back on the trailer since I won’t be able to take it anywhere until probably Fall…if even then. It can possibly be a year of physical therapy and recovery, and even then I don’t know how it will end up as far as any loss of use. I am doing my exercises and will start physical therapy this afternoon. I can already tell my right arm is quite a bit weaker than it used to be.

Most of the smaller details of the last two weeks are pretty much lost to history with the pain meds I have been taking. Meghan came over to help me along with Addy, her dog Flint, and Rider, my new puppy! Unfortunately I couldn’t keep him here due to my injuries but I am really looking forward to getting him. We will have a lot of fun I am sure. Hope he likes to travel – there will be a lot of that in his future!

I have been watching quite a bit of TV – cannot do much else – but trying to get exercise when I can. It’s been pretty warm and sunny so that has been nice to be out enjoying. The cherries have come and gone on my trees, and they were fantastic. The peas are about done in my garden, and Meghan’s dog Flint was picking those off the vine as well as some delicious raspberries in the back yard. Yes…two of her dogs curl their lips up and pick berries to eat. And they only pick the ripe ones!

Well, that’s all I have for now.


January 22nd, 2019

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Today I decided to get up really early and took a field trip to Seattle. I thought about some different things to do the last few days and decided to do a Seattle adventure. I needed to get out of the house and go do something. An escape. It started out a bit of a cool  morning but warmed up nicely with scattered clouds. It has been a great day for a field trip, and it was a much-needed one.

With the options for getting around the city pretty good and easy to use, I decided to leave the truck at home; that saves gas. I rode the train and monorail. Free transfers help save cash on this adventure too.

There are many links in this post so click on them to see websites for today’s adventures!

First stop is breakfast, and “Trailer Park to Table” is the motto at Biscuit Bitch. A little spendy but that’s a damn good biscuit smothered in some really good gravy. Check out some of the things on their menu. The biscuits are pretty good-sized and have amazing texture and fluffiness. If you’re looking for a job, “Bitch be Hiring” the sign on the window says.

The awesome attitude of the place is quite enjoyable to be around. This amusing sign was in the bathroom:




Then it was on the train to head to the Capitol Hill station and a walk down Broadway to see a Jimi Hendrix statue that I just remembered I had not seen yet.

Jimi Hendrix statue – Seattle


Capitol Hill is, to me, an interesting area to walk around. Lots of interesting food and a few shops I’d like to visit. I want to go back there sometime and hang out more.

Back on the light rail to Westlake Center to catch the monorail to the Pacific Science Center. I was here once before right after I moved up here; in 2012 I came over to see the King Tut exhibition (I bet you read the post all those years ago …didn’t you?). This time I am just here to see what else there is to see.

I met up with a couple of friends and we hung out together for most of the rest of the day, first hitting all the exhibits at the Science Center. They do have some pretty cool things to see and do in there and it is a great place for kids to learn some science things hands-on.

They have exhibits of various things; some rotate depending on what displays/shows are touring. We went to a Talking Heads laser light show for just a few bucks more and it was pretty good. I have been to them before and this was maybe even a bit better since the tech has advanced.


Laser Light Show – Pacific Science Center, Seattle WA

It sounded like they were playing a live album and I’d have to say that was an impressive band I never gave much thought to during my narrow-minded metal years. Might have to get that one.

As you can well imagine, watching lasers worked up a powerful hunger so it was off to Serious Pie and Biscuit. I have wanted to eat here since another friend of mine mentioned it to me a few years back, and one of my friends wanted to try it even longer so we went.

On the way we saw the new Chris Cornell statue in front of MoPOP:


Chris Cornell statue – Seattle, WA

The pizzas were delicious and had good ingredients on a pretty perfect wood-fired crust.


Potato Pizza at Serious Pie and Biscuit, Seattle, WA

They are a little pricey plus they add in a 20% gratuity automatically. The service was great – not too annoying but took care of us. One interesting thing one of my friends had was a grapefruit hefeweizen. It really wasn’t a beer…but it was. It was complex and really tasted like an old-fashioned Creamsicle. Delicious as well.

After that it was over to South Lake Union Park where we took a tour of the Virginia V steamship. It is a historical ship and it was very interesting to see the insides of. There are a few other old boats there and the museum there is something that I’d like to go back and check out. I did not get any pictures so I need to go back and do that too.

Evenings have to come to an end at some point so it was back toward our respective houses. It was a fun and quite enjoyable day.

As you can see it was quite an adventure. I got to see and do a lot…even more than I had originally thought I’d try to see and do. With 11.25 miles under my belt since 6:00 A.M. when I finally got home I’d say that I got in a little exercise today. My feet are tired and sore, and it feels rather good to sit.

Can’t wait to do it again!