November 28th, 2018

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So much for my new robot vac. I knew something didn’t look quite right with my order but I couldn’t figure out what it was.

As I have said before I try my best to avoid Amazon and shop locally. Sometimes, however, the companies use Amazon as their only storefront or you need something and cannot find it anyplace else. Then there are the times there is that unbeatable price. The last one was the case for the robot vac – $199 (usually much more) PLUS a $30 coupon. Pretty great deal.

I was looking at my order closer and I finally figured out what was wrong. They charged me $229 and then gave me the $30 coupon. I called them to see what the deal was and I was told that the prices fluctuate and I got charged a higher price. I told them Jeff Bezos could kiss my ass and I will not buy anything from Amazon again. The item would be refused and I’ll just take the refund. I was told it would not be corrected but they offered me a $15 credit and an apology. I told the guy that would do no good since I was not going to be buying anything else from Amazon.

WTF? I click the “Buy” button on an item for a certain price and get charged a higher one? What kind of BS is that? This experience has taught me to keep a closer eye on an order more closely before I click the button. I will be looking into consumer protection with the state Attorney General to let them know about my experience.

I also learned something else about Amazon recently that I want to pass along. Just like the airlines, Amazon also uses that chickenshit tactic of raising the prices each time you do a search for the same thing. You can get around it by using a private browser and also not logging in until you are ready to buy. This way they cannot track your browsing or store it in your online account.

Okay…rant over.

I was really looking forward to getting that thing. Oh well. Gotta go get the broom and dustpan out of the trash.

Today, August 23rd, 2017

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Well, I went out and got a few lottery tickets today. What the hell. I have not played for quite a while so I splurged and spent $20. Don’t think I got anything out of it though. Oh well. They don’t sell the lottery tickets with a warranty.

I also picked up a few groceries and also an area rug for my living room. The landlady stopped by the other day to repair a kitchen drawer and I mentioned I’m trying to get the cigarette smell out of the apartment. We talked about painting over the smell and I mentioned the “old” color of the walls so I might hopefully be getting a paint job in the ol’ apartment. A more neutral color that we talked about is actually in the area rug I bought today so it should look pretty nice if they do paint it. It’s not horrible now, but the color is a yellowish-cream color and it looks tired and dated.

I really have not watched a lot of movies/TV the last few years. Binge-watching is not usually my thing but I needed to get these movies back – I wasn’t expecting them all to show up at once!

I think I’m gonna have to break down and get some internet service. Don’t really want another bill but I like the convenience and privacy of my own modem. Using the public wi-fi/hotspots is fine sometimes, but I want secure connections when I am at home.

I hope to take a trailer trip pretty soon. In the next few weeks I would like to get out for my weekends. The season is slowing down, and I am pretty much done moving, so it will be easier to get away.

Trader Joe’s

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Today I took a friend to the mall to exchange the earrings I bought last week for some others that I could actually install myself, plus we ran some other errands. It is really starting to feel like it is not such a long ways to go that way after doing it a few times – not really much longer than the trips I would make in Colorado to go to the shopping areas there.

One place we went to was Trader Joe’s. Now, I have heard all the hype about the place but I did not know what to expect. I figured it was a cool place from the things I had heard so I had to check it out. The one we went to was small, and I was told it was smaller than many to be fair about it. It was an okay place, and I did buy a few things I do not see elsewhere, but not quite the chorus of angels singing as I stepped through the doorway. It was a little different than what I imagined in that I really expected a place that looked like a cheesy tiki bar inside, with stuff everywhere. Instead, it was basically a fairly organized health food grocery store.

One thing they are famous for is something called “Two Buck Chuck”. I walked around and did not see it so I ended up asking about it. It was not labeled with that name… it was just some brand that is not famous and goes by the slang name I guess. I did buy a bottle of that to try for a whopping $2.47, but last week I got a bottle from Walmart that was $2.97 and it was actually not bad… fortunately and surprisingly it did not taste like Mad Dog, Arbor Mist, or Boone’s Farm. It was not sickeningly sweet and actually had fruit flavor instead of some form of paint thinner with “peppery overtones and an oaky finish”… whatever in the hell that is supposed to mean. If I want that flavor, I will get some beef jerky.

Anyhoo, I got that and another bottle of “Blackstone Delectable Red” to try that was inexpensive and a guy there recommended as being decent for the money. Being a novice at this wine thing I do not know what I am really doing, but I do not have the money to piss away on undrinkable grape-flavored diesel fuel. I want something that tastes good – good meaning you can drink a whole bottle and enjoy it but it doesn’t have to taste like a wine cooler. The “Two Buck” was fruity and sweet; not really too bad but thin. The other bottle is less sweet and flavorful, but has a pretty full body.

I will try Joe’s again, but a different store next time and walk through a little slower to see if I can fully engage in the hype. I need to go to REI and want to hit the flagship store in Seattle, so maybe I will do that, find a Trader Joe’s, and do a few other things when I am across the Sound.

This evening I went down to check on a few things on The Spit. The storms are on their way – we are expecting a temperature drop, winds, rain, and even some damn snow down at 500 feet. Good thing I am at 87! It was pretty breezy when I was down there, and the seafoam is really kicking up:

Seafoam and a Storm Coming in - Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge - Sequim, WA

Seafoam and a Storm Coming in – Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge – Sequim, WA

Damn You, Wal-Mart

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What the hell has happened to you, Walmart (or, Wal-Mart, as you used to be called)?

Not only have you infiltrated every small town and destroyed local business, you treat your employees like slaves. I guess that has given the okay for the rest of the corporate scumbag CEOs and their douchebag little lapdog managers who are now starting to follow your lead in how employees are manipulated, disrespected, and taken for granted. For several years I refused to shop there, knowing that they treated employees like shit and threw their clout around to get what they wanted regardless of the collateral damage inflicted around them.

After a few years they APPEARED to have started doing the right thing, so I started to shop there agin and spent many of my hard-earned dollars there as so many others have done, except you will never see me disgracing the human race on the “People of Wal-Mart” website.

Apparently, they have never stopped doing the wrong thing and had me fooled. With the recent labor issues at Wal-Mart coming to light I have once again decided to try my best to boycott that damn place, and I hope everyone else does too. American corporations need to start treating people like humans and we, as consumers, need to let Corporate America know that we support our fellow workers and not the greed that has become so commonplace in this country.

I saw this at the front door of the local Wal-mart and I had to laugh, yet I wonder WHO the brain surgeon was in the Legal Department is that thought THIS up:

Apparently, my money is not welcomed here

Apparently, my money is not welcomed here

I was talking with someone a few days ago and we were discussing Wal-Mart and the crap that they pull. We also were discussing shopping habits. He said that he shops at Safeway by what is only on sale and NOT by a grocery list – very little, if anything at all, in his cart is full-price. He shops very little at Wally World, and the next thing he said made even more sense. Sure, Wally World may have cheaper everyday prices, but when Safeway has a sale you save far and above the prices at Wally’s so it becomes a lot cheaper.

I was shopping there to SAVE money, yet with his logic it actually ends up costing me MORE money to continue to do what I was doing. I thought that made great sense so I will start doing that myself and I perhaps you will consider this and do the same.