New Song I Am Working On


For those who might be interested, I have posted a new song on my SoundCloud account that I have been working on for quite some time. It is called “The Neverending Suite”.

I won’t be leaving the song up on there very long since I need to do a few more things to it. It’s mainly just put it out there to let everybody have a listen. If you like it then that’s great. If you don’t well that’s fine too. I realize it may not be everyone’s idea of good music but that’s okay.

New Song Project

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Well, this new song project – as yet untitled – is coming along. For now I call it a “song project” as this first part I am working on is really several songs and bits put together into one song as a sort of “concept album” that I have had the idea of doing for a while now. It is an ambitious project and it is pretty involved doing it since it is quite complicated to assemble it like I want. It is far from perfect, but right now I am just experimenting to see how it is going to turn out without putting in even more work on it. I am also having to figure out how to do some things in my software that have changed with the last update and using some other things in it that I have not used before.

I am also somewhat pushing myself and my skills more technically on everything – software usage, production ideas, playing of instruments, different vocal style, etc. It is really interesting to see how this is all coming together and I think it may possibly surprise listeners. It is MUCH different than the other songs I have posted on my SoundCloud page.

Just looking at the songs I have done both with John and by myself, I count at about 20 songs that I have recordings of. Many (probably most) are complete, and I have many others that I have ideas recorded by not finished; I just record ideas and save for a rainy day.

I may post some of it when I get a sense of completion of it. I will just have to see how it turns out and go from there.

A Long Weekend is Almost Over…

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It has been a good week. Meghan came in for a week to hang out, went to Seattle, heard from a couple of good friends that I had not heard from in quite a while, some exciting things happened here at the refuge, and I was offered a 6-month extension on my caretaker job here. And that is just some of the excitement.

I spent most of the day Thursday working on another new song. I am not quite sure where the lyrics are headed yet; I have two distinct ideas poles apart, but as far as the music is concerned I know definitely know where it is going and it will be much different from anything else I have posted on my SoundCloud account previously (but I have worked on others similar to this latest one). I have another song in the works as well. Perhaps one of the lyric ideas will make its way over to that one – I just do not know yet. I actually started that one first, but I got the idea for the one I am arranging and recording, and it has taken on a life of its own now… I just could not stop trying various ideas for the tracks today. It felt good to get out the Strat and play some more the last few days and be creative again.

Well, it is back to work this morning. I do have a great office, however, and I am certainly looking forward to six more months of it!

New Song… Finally!

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For those of you who might be interested, I just posted a new song at (sorry, but I have a lot of trouble trying to get the damn links to ever work in WordPress for some reason, so until I figure that out you will have to copy and paste). Just search my name and find the newest one; it is called “Not a Bad Place to Be”. The music and lyrics were written and copyrighted by me.

I am so glad to FINALLY get some good recording done. Meghan sent me things I forgot – my cables to patch equipment with and my headphones to monitor what is going on as I record. I have had several ideas that I have been messing around with so I am excited to finally get them into the Mac. I have been doing bad quality open-air recordings on my iPad, and it helps to get them down so they are not forgotten, but to really do a demo with multi-tracks is much easier on a computer through the proper equipment. Not that I am a pro or anything.

I did do a song with John a month or so back that I mentioned in a previous post. He sent me the music and I wrote the words. He will probably be doing some work on more of the music and arrangement in the future so we can hopefully both get it posted.

I did have a bit of a dry spell with writing, but I feel that is because I had no way to record so it seemed like a futile effort. I have been playing pretty regularly and am getting better as a player still. I have had plenty of ideas, and with my abilities getting better it opens up more ideas. The new Strat is feeling and sounding good!

Well, it is my Saturday night so I am having a drink and gonna kick back and watch “Reno 911!”.

Have a great night or day everyone!